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being where earthquake waves arrive simultaneously


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and Fialko, Y.: 2010, Coseismic slip model of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake derived from joint inversion of interferometric synthetic aperture radar, GPS, and field data.
Based on teleseismic records as well as coseismic displacement data, we invert spatiotemporal variation of the rupture process and analyze possible rupture sequences between BCF, PGF, and XYDF.
Jonsson, "Improved SAR amplitude image offset measurements for deriving three-dimensional coseismic displacements," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, vol.
This asperity model has been proposed for areas in which geodetic measurements indicate a large coseismic slip and are characterized by low seismicity with long interseismic periods.
On the other hand, the difference in height observed at the base of unit B at RT might be evidencing a coseismic vertical offset (Fig.
The middle chapters treat a long list of specific landslide types, discussing their mechanisms, prediction, and management: coseismic landslides, volcanic debris avalanches, peat landslides, rock-snow-ice avalanches, landslide-damming episodes, rock avalanches onto glaciers, and paleolandslides.
900-930 Seattle-fault-zone earthquake with a wider coseismic rupture patch and postseismic submergence: inferences from new sedimentary evidence.
(36,37) developed an effective numerical technique for simulating the coseismic EM fields associated with seismic waves due to a point rupture of a double couple source or a planar rupture of a finite fault in layered porous media.
We will visit sites which experienced coseismic deformation during 1964, but also record late Holocene paleosiemiscity and add to an increasing knowledge of seismic and tsunami hazard along the Aleutian megathrust.
The experiment was originally to investigating the coseismic signals with propagating velocity much larger than the seismic wave (Fujinawa et al.
Even when they agree that the island was created by the earthquake, they rule out a coseismic uplift, since the island was formed a few hundred kilometres away from the epicentre.
de Michele, "Assessing ionoshperic influence on L-band SAR data implications on coseismic displacement measurements of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake," IEEE Trans.
(1988) Minimum earthquake magnitude associated with coseismic surface faulting.
Based on the ratio of coseismic displacement and long-term GPS/geologic slip rate, the average recurrence intervals for large earthquakes were roughly estimated to 2000-10000yrs [5], 3000-6000yrs [3], and ~4000yrs [6].
This book examines the ways in which systematic study of earthquake surface faulting, coseismic liquefaction, tsunami deposits, and other primary and secondary ground effects can be integrated with traditional seismological and tectonic information to provide a better understanding of the seismicity level of an area and the associated hazards.