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ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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In this paper, a new algorithm denoted as modified invasive weeds optimization (MIWO) is introduced for the synthesis of both cosecant array pattern and pencil beam pattern of linear array.
Graphs were displayed as a stream of data points forming a sine, cosine, secant, or cosecant function.
Here, the aperture synthesis with a cosecant pattern was realized in the E-plane.
For this to happen, the antenna should form the complex beam patterns of a flat-topped beam pattern (FBP) in the azimuth plane and a cosecant beam pattern (CBP) in the elevation plane.
az = azimuth app = application bw = beamwidth csc2 = cosecant square el = elevation fd = frequency dependent int = integral min = minimum pa = per application RPM = revolutions per minute sim = simulator subs = subsystem var = variable