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ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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In this paper, we first proposed one class of singular integral equations of convolution type with cosecant kernels and periodic coefficients.
Shen, "Reproducing kernel method of solving singular integral equation with cosecant kernel," Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol.
Ghatak, "Synthesis of cosecant squared pattern in linear antenna arrays using differential evolution", in Proc.
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During Step 1, participants were exposed to a brief lecture regarding the basic operations sine (sin), cosine (cos), secant (sec), and cosecant (csc) and how these functions appear on the coordinate axes.
TABLE I ANTENNA UNIT SPECIFICATIONS Frequency range (GHz) 76.3 to 76.7 Azimuth beamwidth 1.1 [degrees] Elevation shape Cosecant Polarization Vertical SWR 1.2 Gain (dBi) 29.7 Side lobe level (Azimuth) (dB) [less than or equal to]-26 Tx-Rx isolation (dB) [greater than or equal to]52 References
For the cosecant beam, the BW obtained by MOEA/D-IWO is smaller than that obtained by MOEA/D-DE, and the ripple and peak SLL values obtained by MOEA/D-IWO are 0.3247 dB and 0.8325 dB lower than those obtained by MOEA/D-DE, respectively.
The complex beam pattern conditions of the antenna, which is the subject of this paper, have a FBP characteristic of [+ or -]45[degrees] at the 3dB level in the azimuth plane and a cosecant beam envelope characteristic within the range of -5[degrees] to -25[degrees] in the elevation plane.
Uniform power density is provided by a highly controlled cosecant elevation pattern throughout a 45[degrees] downtilt.