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ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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Secretaries Jordan Cosec are part of company services firm Jordans - in turn, part of Vistra, whose corporate services centre is in the British Virgin Islands.
Cosec says there are other prospective properties around.
A sequence {[A.sub.n]} [member of] F is stable if and only if the operators [W.sub.[omega]]{ [A.sub.n]} : [X.sub.[omega]] [omega] [member of] T, are invertible and if the cosec {[A.sub.n]} + J is invertible in F/J.
Here, at this event Matrix will launch its new door controller COSEC DOOR PVR.
cos [theta] = ON/OP cot [theta] = ON/PN cosec [theta] = OP/PN
[[epsilon].sub.N] = N / [square root of 3][2ctg ([phi]/2 + [psi]/2) + [psi] cosec ([phi]/2 + [psi]/2)] (1)
At the McCreedy-Coleman Mine, exploration for high-grade precious metals is continuing on the 170 footwall, according to a report from Mike Cosec, district geologist for the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.
Ontario Geological Survey geologist Mike Cosec characterizes the Sudbury region's PGM exploration boom as one of the highest levels experienced in 50 years, with the value of claims staked in 2002 reaching $11.6 million.
On the occasion, Jatin Desai, Product Manager Matrix Comsec, said, "Matrix COSEC time attendance terminals are full-fledged time attendance solution with world-class hardware design and advance software features.
As with other industrial minerals, Cosec says the success of AMP will depend upon creating their own markets and securing a distribution network through a steady supply of material for the store shelves.