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ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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When Cosec arrived in Sudbury in 1990, CVRD-Inco's Copper Cliff North Mine contained 18 deposits.
cos (-[theta]) = cos [theta] cot (-[theta]) = -cot [theta] cosec (-[theta]) = -cosec [theta]
OfficeClip is a division of Cosec Corporation, a leading system integration, Intranet, Extranet & Internet development firm.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Rhabilitation des vestiaires / douches au Cosec 1.
On the occasion, Jatin Desai, Product Manager Matrix Comsec, said, "Matrix COSEC time attendance terminals are full-fledged time attendance solution with world-class hardware design and advance software features.
Mike Cosec, Sudbury's district geologist with the Ontario Geological Survey, says the chances of finding another such deposit, that is clean of impurities such as low-grade uranium-type minerals, are very slim.
Furthermore, Matrix will launch COSEC DOOR FMX a high-performance door controller with Multispectral fingerprint sensor.
With Ethernet and WiFi based hardware architecture COSEC offers the option to start as a small setup with a single door, which can easily scale along with the growing business.
This last little while there's been more junior mining exploration (around Sudbury) than I've seen in ten years here," says Mike Cosec, district geologist for the Ontario Geological Survey in Sudbury.
Matrix will launch COSEC DOOR FMX as a high-performance door controller with Multispectral sensor.
I just point them in the right direction and give them my two cents worth of advice," says Cosec, in explaining why exploration activities in the Sudbury district have been at their highest levels in more than a decade.
Furthermore, Matrix will launch COSEC DOOR FMX as a high performance door controller with Multispectral sensor.
Contract notice: Compliance Work Loopback Ecs Distribution Facilities Hot Water Showers Collective - Winter Swimming And Cosec The Molires - Commune De Miramas