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duck-billed dinosaur with nasal passages that expand into a crest like a hollow helmet

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Low bootstrap support is recovered for most nodes, with the exception of the clade that includes all iguanodonts more derived than Hypsilophodon, the Zalmoxes + Rhabdodon clade, the clades equivalent to the genus Zalmoxes and Tenontosaurus, and the Corythosaurus + Edmontosaurus clade.
But in the new galleries, we have been able to correctly re-mount Corythosaurus and eight other dinosaurs.
1 TYRANNOSAURUS REX tyrant lizard king 2 PSITTACOSAURUS __________ __________ 3 STRUTHIOMIMUS __________ __________ 4 CORYTHOSAURUS __________ __________ 5 SEISMOSAURUS _______________ __________ 6 TRICERATOPS ________ ________ ______ To answer the dinosaur riddle below, fill in the page number where each picture is found in this issue of Ranger Rick.
Joel sent us his very realistic drawing of a Corythosaurus like the one that appeared in that issue.
Parks, too, reveals little in his annual report for November 1931/1932, dismissing the whole move as an inconvenience, and briefly mentioning that "a large open mount of Corythosaurus was erected." This hadrosaur skeleton, which stood at the entrance to the new dinosaur hall, actually determined, in part, the building's design.
Four interactive video screens in the new galleries will provide information about the life and times of the dinosaurs on display, including hadrosaurs and the science behind the changing posture of the Corythosaurus, herding behaviour in the horned dinosaur Centrosaurus, the ROM's newly acquired Eurhinosaurus, and Canada's most recently discovered dinosaurs.