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flat-topped or convex inflorescence in which the individual flower stalks grow upward from various points on the main stem to approximately the same height

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Heteropterys tiinae differs from all other species of Heteropterys by the combination of small glabrous laminas bearing large glands abaxially, epipetiolar stipules, and umbels or corymbs of 4-6 flowers with small greenish petals borne on well-developed peduncles.
Description: Clustered florets that form a convex corymb or elongated raceme inflorescence.
The flowers are white mingled with rose color, and are collected in corymbs.
Corymb A flat-topped to rounded inflorescence with pedicels attached at alternating points to the peduncle; outer flowers opening first.
By May, there are attractive corymbs of creamy white flowers that give way eventually to big bunches of the most luscious of red berries, almost see-through like redcurrants.
Their multiple flower heads, correctly known as corymbs, are actually a collection of miniature daisy flowers, flowering for up to four weeks in July and early August.
Its leaves are pinnate with ellyptic toothed leaflets, heads are creamy yellow, in terminal corymbs with phyllaries 10 mm long.
Unique Characteristics: Form consists of flat or domed corymbs of flowers; several colors are available; cultivar shown is typically available as a bedding plant and shorter than others sold as commercial cut flower.
Kalmia latifolia produces flowers clustered in corymbs, and one plant can have thousands of flowers open at one time (with an average of 20 flowers distributed on each of [greater than]500 inflorescences; M.
For me, I will use anything that I find useful to see my fictive system work, will build with any apt thing around, from history to corymbs of toothpicks and painted cotton, from maps to sore feet, from quarts of crystals, tinnery and orchids to the whiskers of cats.
The hermaphrodite flowers are produced in corymbs of 9-15, each flower about 12 to 15 mm diameter with five sepals which are three angle and flat, five white petals, 20 stamens and three or four (rarely two) styles.
FLOWER DESCRIPTION: White, 1/4" in 1" flat corymbs, not especially noticeable.