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secreted by the adrenal cortex

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Corticosterone regulates expression of BDNF and trkB but not NT-3 and trkC mRNA in the rat hippocampus.
Dendritic reorganization in pyramidal neurons in medial prefrontal cortex after chronic corticosterone administration .
Similarly, Nockel (1973) reported that ascorbic acid could decrease corticosterone level in the circulation when broilers are exposed to high ambient temperature.
et al (18) to investigate the proteomic changes occurring in mouse brain following chronic exposure to corticosterone using two-dimensional Differential In-Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE).
The effects of long-term caging and molt of Single Comb White Leghorn hens on heterophil to lymphocyte ratios, corticosterone and thyroid hormones.
It was found that, compared to appropriate controls, that CLI-treated animals did not differ in corticosterone basal levels, but presented a lower increase in plasma levels of this hormone during exposure to the stressor, and returned faster to basal levels after the stress ended.
Corticosterone is the mouse version of cortisol, a hormone produced by the human body during stressful situations.
Administration of corticosterone after the first downshift trial enhances consummatory successive negative contrast.
The isolated rats also had higher levels of the stress hormone corticosterone and took longer to recover from stressful situations.
11) Also, it was shown that low frequency magnetic fields induces a significant increase in the level of corticosterone in blood plasma.
Excess corticosterone also alters various neurotransmitters in regions of the brain, for example, increasing dopamine turnover in prefrontal cortex, accompanied by decreased spatial memory performance.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a naturally occurring hormone that wanes as we age, is used by the body to produce corticosterone, which helps regulate the immune system and the stress response.
Repeated measurements confirmed that as the animals acclimated to the procedure, their respiratory and heart rates and corticosterone levels declined.
Effects of Confinement on Plasma Levels of Corticosterone in the Northern Water-snake (Nerodia sipedon).
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