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Moreover, the enhanced cortical cell area and cortical region thickness emerges as adaptability response.
After longitudinal incision in the sagittal plane kidneys with a distinct cortical region a medullar region and a renal pelvis which was facing the medial side of the organ were found (Fig.
Variations according to the cortical region thickness were significant (Pless than 0.
The size of epidermis cells, size and shape of outer cortical region, presence of sclerification in outer cortex and endodermal cell area also showed the significant diversity.
GFAP, NSE in the cerebellar cortical region and MBP in the cerebellar white matter of the human fetal brain ranging from 20 to 37 weeks respectively.
Generally, correlations for cortical regions (with the exception of the occipital lobe) were greater than subcortical regions (excepting the thalamus).
Cortical region colonized by Coil (C) and arbuscules (AR) were observed (Fig.
epidermis thickness, sclerenchyma cell thickness, cortical region thickness, endodermis thickness and vascular region thickness were studied to differentiate the fourteen cultivars of date palm, obtained from Date Palm Research Station, Jang, on the basis of their root anatomy.
They assessed the cerebellum, pons, right and left hemisphere subcortical areas, and the cortical region.
In the process of gonadal differentiation, primary germ cells in presumptive males migrate from cortical region into medullary region, where they will form spermatogonia.
Laboratory, examined a cortical region that processes sensory information from a mouse's whiskers.
The functionality of this cortical region was confirmed by activation studies with high-field MRI and statistical subtraction of a music-listening paradigm minus white-noise-listening (figure 3).
Resorption also occurs in cortical bone with enlargement of the medullary cavity and thinning of the cortical region.
Electric activity associated with number comparisons occurred in similar patterns within a common cortical region for the children and adults, Temple and Posner report.
The Array allows the collection of aggregate or individual neural signals from the cortical region of the brain.