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Effective connectivities of cortical regions for top-down face processing: a dynamic causal modeling study.
Caption: Figure 6: Postoperative CT shows apical two-thirds of zygomatic implant has engaged the medullary and cortical regions of the zygomatic bone.
Moreover, one could identify a comparable trend of the [EV.sub.50] along the three distances for both the cortical regions. Similar considerations apply when we consider separately the effective volume trends on the cortex and white matter.
Moreover, the enhanced cortical cell area and cortical region thickness emerges as adaptability response.
To construct the brain structural networks in this study, we firstly employed an automated structural labeling template [sup][24] to parcellate the entire brain into 90 cortical regions (45 for each hemisphere), each cortical or subcortical region representing a node of the cortical network by the graph theoretic approach that has been described previously.
After longitudinal incision in the sagittal plane kidneys with a distinct cortical region a medullar region and a renal pelvis which was facing the medial side of the organ were found (Fig.
Variations according to the cortical region thickness were significant (Pless than 0.01) in all the studied cultivars (Table 1).
The size of epidermis cells, size and shape of outer cortical region, presence of sclerification in outer cortex and endodermal cell area also showed the significant diversity.
The prefrontal cortex is a top-down cortical region that is supposed to help you suppress fearful memories, or make you learn new memories.
In the fetuses, ROIs were placed in the cerebellar cortical region and middle cerebellar preduncles (MCP) at the level of fourth ventricle.
The authors' confirmation of the functionality of the cortical region involved represents technology near the cutting edge.
Each cortical region was sampled on at least three adjacent planes while the subcortical structures were sampled from two adjacent planes.
Carotenoids exerted their strongest protective effect in the main body of the lens, or cortical region, and offered moderate protection against P.S.C.
They include the hypothalamus; the striatal region, which includes the putamen and caudate and is in charge of motivation and reward; the limbic region, where emotion and memory reside; and the cortical region, which includes the prefrontal cortex, insula, and the anterior cingulate cortex and handles the integration and processing of the brain.
The intersection between the probabilistic gray matter map and a Brodmann areas template (distributed with MRIcron) was used to provide cortical regions for the subsequent analyses of the DTI data, where cortical region corresponded to the intersection between a Brodmann area and voxels with greater than 50% of probability of brain gray matter.