cortical cataract

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a cataract that affects the lens cortex

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Scores for cortical cataract and PSC were based on weighted estimates of the degree of opacity of the lens area, as defined by a circular grid, divided into eight pie-wedge shaped peripheral areas and a central circular area overlaid on the photograph (Klein et al.
DALYs (000) Disease Upper Lower Upper Lower estimate estimate estimate estimate CMM 621 345 58,645 32,581 SCC of skin 83 59 9,474 6,767 BCC of skin 52 29 2,921 1,623 Solar keratoses 8 8 0 0 Sunburn 294 294 0 0 Cortical cataract 529 529 0 0 Pterygium 35 20 0 0 SCCC 2 1 0 0 RHL 68 34 0 0 Total 1,692 1,319 71,039 40,970 Total (excluding sunburn and RHL) 1,330 991 71,039 40,970
Cortical cataract is the next most common type, often affecting people who have diabetes.
Sunlight and exposure to ultraviolet-B (UV-B) rays have been shown to be associated with cortical cataract, clouding or opacity occurring first on the outer edges of the lenses.
Be able to identify anterior ocular pathology which may be related to UV exposure (for example UV keratoconjunctivitis, cortical cataract, pterygium) and be able to offer appropriate advice to patients with those ocular conditions not requiring referral (Group 6.
The study, entitled "EphA2is associated with age-related cortical cataract in mice and humans," will be published in the July 31 issue of PLoS Genetics.
14) Smoking is also associated with posterior subscapsular cataract and cortical cataract, although the relationships are not as strong.
Early markers include: supranuclear cortical cataract, coma aberration, retinal nerve fibre layer thinning and drusen, especially when present in younger patients--perhaps something we should look more carefully for in our 50+ year old patients?
Cortical cataract can also be viewed using an optical section and this can indicate whether the cortical opacities are in the anterior or posterior cortex.