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In anthropological casework, fractures are created under far more complex conditions and involve bones and bone areas other than those with the greatest cortical area. For example, when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the impact force is largely unidirectional, but the bones are also experiencing axial loading from standing and possible rotational force from twisting toward or away from the vehicle.
It increases with increasing interelectrode distance, in particular in the upper limb cortical area, when the anode falls into the postcentral gyrus.
As the cortical area is one of the key predictors of bone strength and fracture resistance [33], these results support the beneficial effects of HT042 on bone health.
The analysis revealed three regions: First, an area around MNI coordinates X = 37, Y =5, and Z = 24 in the frontal subgyral white matter underneath cortical area BA6.
The results of these three studies showed an enlargement and displacement of the cortical area for the relevant muscles in the expert group compared to the novices.
The output of any given cortical area becomes input (divergent and convergent) to other cortical areas, as well as receiving feedback from those cortical areas.
Indeed, rTMS can reduce cortical excitability in a focal cortical area, (30-31) and therefore it has been investigated for tinnitus treatment.
Animal experiments showed that under some conditions symmetry in a cortical area could be a response to a disorder of neuronal migration.
A possible explanation for the disappointing BMD results when PTH is preceded by a potent antiresorptive agent is that the hormone increases endosteal porosity and encourages new periosteal bone formation, with a resultant increase in cortical area.
For the analyses, we used the total cross-sectional area (including marrow cavity and cortical bone, in square millimeters), cortical area (square millimeters), cortical thickness (millimeters), cortical bone mineral content (milligrams per millimeter), cortical bone mineral density (BMD; milligrams per cubic centimeter), total BMD (milligrams per cubic centimeter), and periosteal circumference (millimeters).
Nerves from this cortical area project into the amygdala and brain stem, says Quirk.
This ring surrounded a small circular cortical area, ~7 9 [micro]m in diameter, in which the F-actin was considerably thinner, creating a "bulls-eye" appearance in 3-D computer-generated rotated images (Fig.
Midshaft cross-sectional cortical area (CA) and total subperiosteal area (TA) were calculated from radiograph measurements of wildshot museum specimens collected from all over the world.
An interstitial leukocytory infiltrate composed by lymphocytes, monocytes and plasmocytes could be observed microscopically in both kidneys at the cortical area. Interstitial fibrosis and glomerular atrophy were shown at some sections.