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However, the shortest VestEP latencies and the highest amplitudes are registered in the relatively distinct cortical area that is covered by the transversal electrode line T3-C3-Cz-C4-T4 according to the 10/20 international scheme of electrode placement.
As shown in Figure 5E, the number of tunic cells and filamentous materials increase in the cortical area of the tunic ball.
The dorsal prefrontal cortical area, where the bipolar patients demonstrated reduced brain activity, comprises the regions primarily associated with regulation of emotion.
5 lymph nodes showed necrotic changes in cortical area which was surrounded by macrophages (histiocytes) and also showing characteristic karyolytic and karyorrhactic changes.
The primary cortical area is involved in the direct perception of a stimulus or in executing a movement.
From day 7, the woven bone in the cortical area begins to undergo remodeling to lamellar bone, but woven bone in the medullary area undergoes resorption, which means transitory local osteopenia.
They found that this cortical area has a hierarchical and cyclical structure that exerts a split-second, symphony-like control over the tongue, jaw, larynx and lips.
Exemestane also cut mean total area and mean cortical area at both sites, compared with placebo, Dr.
The results of these three studies showed an enlargement and displacement of the cortical area for the relevant muscles in the expert group compared to the novices.
The output of any given cortical area becomes input (divergent and convergent) to other cortical areas, as well as receiving feedback from those cortical areas.
Indeed, rTMS can reduce cortical excitability in a focal cortical area, (30-31) and therefore it has been investigated for tinnitus treatment.
Animal experiments showed that under some conditions symmetry in a cortical area could be a response to a disorder of neuronal migration.
A possible explanation for the disappointing BMD results when PTH is preceded by a potent antiresorptive agent is that the hormone increases endosteal porosity and encourages new periosteal bone formation, with a resultant increase in cortical area.