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a piece of body armor for the trunk

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In the stable, over the manger, there hung an enormous open hauberk and a ring-mail corselet.
13) Responsavel pela reducao na silhueta de Fernanda, a "corsetiere" Sher, nome artistico de Leandra Rios, que faz as pecas, chamava a atencao pelos 58 cm de cintura obtidos depois de dez anos de corsets ("O corselet imita o corset, mas nao afina o corpo", explica), que chegam a custar R$ 4.
On this occasion a brave soldier, Cleonymus a Lacedaemonian, met his death, being shot with an arrow in the side through his shield and corselet and also Basas, an Arcadian, shot through the head.
3) notes, on or by a corselet ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Ashoka Ashton Lane, Hillhead, Glasgow; Ashoka Bellshill, Holytown Road, Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Ashoka Bearsden, Kirk Road, Bearsden; Ashoka West End, Argyle Street, Glasgow; Ashoka at the Mill, Mill Corselet Road, Darnley, Glasgow; Ashoka South Side, Clarkston Road, Muirend, Glasgow; Ashoka Johnstone, Rankine Street, Johnstone, Renfrewshire; Ashoka Regent Brasserie, Cowgate, Kirkintilloch; Kama Sutra, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow; Mister Singh's India, Elderslie Street, Glasgow; Spice of Life, Argyle Street, Glasgow; Ashoka Shak, Phoenix Leisure Park, Linwood; Ashoka Shak, McArthurglen Retail Outlet, Livingston; Ashoka Shak, Camperdown Leisure Park, Dundee; Ashoka Shak, Showcase Leisure Park, Baillieston.
Also described as the Gold Peytrel or corselet, it was discovered on a hill known as Bryn yr Ellyllon (Hill of Elves) just off the Chester Road, Mold, in 1831, and a stone tablet now marks the spot.
Notable in the following passage are the care with which Hawthorne denominates color--the corselet is sapphire," not blue, the mantle is "crimson," not red; the frequency of figurative language, especially simile and metaphor; and the coherence and completeness of the description:
The corselet is held at the British Museum because it is claimed no North Wales museum has adequate security to safely display it.
An example of such recovery is the corselet (inherited from his father) that Pericles lost and recovered from the sea, as he would do his wife: "My shipwrack now's no ill, / Since I have here my father gave in his will" (Pericles 2.
Elle ajoute que deux pieces de vetement ont connu la faveur populaire: la coiffe hollandaise et le corselet de velours noir lace (Doyon 1954b: 2).
Behind are siege engines and a battering ram; in front is their leader, astride an armoured war-horse with a huge red cross over his mail corselet.
Nevertheless, there were certain conventions of costume which indicated a particular genre or period; for instance, the Roman 'shape' for actors who personified heroes of classical antiquity consisted of a plumed helmet, corselet and skirt, with a cloak fastened at the front.
The lord Apollo, son of Zeus, broke the corselet upon him.
The iron corselet of Aldhelm's riddle is a dumb thing given a rhetorical voice.
If the parallel between the youth and the poet is pressed, then the corselet might arguably be read as a metaphor of the poem we are reading.