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Synonyms for corruptness

departure from what is legally, ethically, and morally correct

Synonyms for corruptness

the state of being corrupt

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lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery)

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Let me quote from Peter France's New Oxford Companion to Literature in French (1995): La Regle du jeu is "about an aristocratic house-party that is a microcosm of the corruptness and exhaustion of French society on the eve of World War II.
companies often face unfair advantages due to growing regulations, high taxes, political corruptness and other obstacles that weaken a company's competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Davis resists interference from Shorty as well as his family as they warn him of the corruptness of his manager Roberts (Lloyd Goff).
There is an acceptable rate of return in business, but an institutional corruptness has come in.
C: How do we get the point across to the American leadership that the problem is not so much Afghanistan as it is the fragility and corruptness of Pakistan and the failure to clean up the FATA?
The proof of the corruptness of the way that these two have gone is God's words "Men are in authority over women, because He made the one superior to the other" [Q 4:34].
Manzano skillfully reveals the reality of his society's corruptness loudly echoing the disillusioned remark made by Frederick the Great, Voltaire's fawning admirer, who, after reflecting upon his youthful idealism, remarked that the world operated by "trickery, bad faith, and duplicity" (Meyer 217), not idealism, benevolence, and candor.
May I request that any investigation includes this outstanding matter so that we may all know the full extent of the corruptness of our MPs (and Assembly Members in Wales ) before we are asked to vote again?
We seek refuge with God from our corruptness and our wrongful deeds.
Just as we all clearly recognize the corruptness of the idea of national literature, yet continue to work in national literature departments, so also, in order not to lose the public podium from which to launch our critiques of the very concept of personal identity, we continue to collaborate in propping up the even shakier concept of "literature," which in turn has come to require precisely personal identity for its definition.