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Synonyms for corruptive

Synonyms for corruptive

tending to corrupt or pervert

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Following the publication of the corruptive affairs, the two parties pointed their finger at the secret services.
Gerda undertakes a harrowing travel across hill and dale, searching for Kay and gradually following clues to his whereabouts; people and animals kindly aid her quest, but even if she can find Kay, will she be able to save him from the corruptive glass shards?
However, there are closer realities that represent the West in the womb of the Islamic communities: the nation-state, the secular elite and pro-Western governments, all of which are seen as corruptive influences of the West.
The new head of the Ministry is set to fight against corruptive subordinates.
Al-Zamil, who is also chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said foreign companies involved in corruptive practices would not be able to stay long in the Kingdom, as they would be subject to punishment sooner or later.
You fell martyr only to be showered with the blessings of God who chose you to have short existence in a corruptive world and to live a long, everlasting life in the other world of truth and divinity," said Aswad.
4 ( ANI ): The youth wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took out a 'procession of scams' on Saturday here, to highlight corruptive taint associated with the Congress-led UPA Government.
The essay is at once a defense of the artist's own adherence to the humanist ideals of European classicism -- the pinnacle of which he believed to be the work of the Renaissance masters -- and a scathing critique of various facets of modernism, including abstraction, surrealism and expressionism, which he dismisses as symbolic of the corruptive influences of the materialism exhibited in the dominant ideologies of American consumerism and Leninist communism.
A few of these mistakes seem to arise from Gazzolo trying to push her moral analysis too far; for instance when she claims in chapter 6 that the fall of Melkor, Sauron and Saruman confirm Lord Acton's maxim on the corruptive aspect of power.
Meme certains chirurgiens qui pretendent etre [beaucoup moins que]progressistes socialistes[beaucoup plus grand que] sont tentes par cette pratique corruptive et n'exercent l'operation que s'il s'octroie la bagatelle de 3000 DH, meme si le patient agonise.
Awatif al-Tushani Tripoli' Libya's Deputy Minister of Culture announced her resignation on Thursday saying corruptive practices in the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society which made her make the decision.
His press release stated, "The eminent-domain programs in question are atrocious, corruptive, irresponsible and unconstitutional.
And why would talking and writing about bad events like terrorist attacks be acceptable while, as Sandel argues, prediction markets for such events (proposed a decade ago by Robin Hanson and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) would have corruptive effects?
Portent No one sees the patterns developing In still waters, Nor the corruptive smells behind The sweet scent of wild flowers, Less still, the evil waving in the grass As the wind weaves its torment, The river unobserved, unstoppable, As it carries acid colours to the ocean, The air changing, shadowy hills, Trees huddling as one, in fear, Strange clouds on the blood red horizon, Hover in solemnity, Movement frozen.