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Synonyms for corruptive

Synonyms for corruptive

tending to corrupt or pervert

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The PDP was degraded in the last elections to cure the nation of corruptive afflictions.
Whistleblowers will be rewarded accordingly as an incentive to encourage public participation to fight corruptive acts within the Malaysian environment (The malaysianinsider.
The leader of Sadr movement confirmed that he was subjected to more than an assassination attempt, adding that the last attempt when his convoy subjected to shooting during his visit to Baghdad after delivering a speech to the demonstrators in Tahrir Square He added: "Many of the corruptive people wished my death so as not to complete my reform project.
Dialogue remains the only means to resolve national issues," he reiterated, shedding light on the State's duty to enforce the law, liberate the judiciary and uncover the perpetrators of corruptive acts, "especially those involved in the illegal internet, the spoiled food and the human trafficking files.
The respondents, which include locals and expats, provide views about possible corruptive practices involving public officials in winning contracts.
Noting that such profits have a corruptive effect on the economy, Pamuk said: "For instance, your rival firm has close ties with the government, local administrations or the state bodies so it wins incentives and loans, as well as public tenders.
Unless we stop the electoral engineering which grants electoral victory to VMRO-DPMNE and BDI and unless their corruptive domination is not stopped, especially in the media, Gruevski will continue to peacefully walk down the villages and "help the citizens solve their problems" being sure that he will enjoy another term.
He added in a cable of condolences that he sent today to the Egyptian President Abdelfatah Al-Sisi that the terrorist attacks targeting the Egyptian army are considered "Among most furious crimes in Islam for their aggressive and corruptive aims, violating security and stability of countries, and attacking the lives of innocent people".
Moreover, and as maintained by Ayatollah Khamenei, all Muslims should stay vigilant against the corruptive incitements of foreign defeatists.
Moomins On The Riviera is a cautionary tale about the corruptive power of greed and jealousy, which takes a few gentle sideswipes at the cult of celebrity and the inflated price of modern art.
To rescue her son, she must not only navigate horrific perils, but also find a way to fight back against the corrosive Fox Faerie, whose corruptive magic threatens to eradicate human civilization.
Critique: "Saving America Now: The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition" is a compelling and articulate read that is highly recommended, indeed essential, for everyone and anyone who is concerned about the widening gap between the 1% and the 99%, who is alarmed by the onset of a second new age of Robber Barron capitalism and its corruptive impact on the American political system--a corrosion aided and facilitated by the Supreme Court and its 'Citizens United' decision.
16), "Blowing the Roof Off the Twenty-First Century" is especially appropriate for the non-specialist general reader concerned with the contemporary issues of social justice and the corruptive influences with respect to American government and governing in the 21st Century.
Law and politics scholars from Europe and Australia discuss dimensions of popular legal culture in contemporary Europe; the quality of administrative law in Russia and the Ukraine; police corruption and misconduct; the role of law in corruptive settings; corporate social responsibility in the Russian Forest sector; judicial review in the Russian supreme court and constitutional court, focusing on jurisdictional powers vs.
According to MP Senaratne, the new government plans to cancel projects that are corruptive and detrimental to the country.