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Synonyms for corrupting

seducing into corrupt practices

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harmful to the mind or morals


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that infects or taints

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References in classic literature ?
The commonplace reply, that if he had been guilty of corrupting the youth their relations would surely have witnessed against him, with which he concludes this part of his defence, is more satisfactory.
A mender of old shoes, or patcher up of clothes, who made the shoes or clothes worse than he received them, could not have remained thirty days undetected, and would very soon have starved; whereas during more than forty years, Protagoras was corrupting all Hellas, and sending his disciples from him worse than he received them, and he was never found out.
Then federal secretary petroleum was tasked to probe the matter and identified the corrupt officers who were benefitted from this sale and accumulated the sale money in their accounts but the federal secretary petroleum has miserable failed to deliver as the investigation is still pending in their cold store as the file of the corrupting scam are likely to be missing from the radar of the new government.
He accused the corrupt politicians corrupting the entire political culture leading the country to total devastation.
Needless to say, Yemen's government has always mastered corrupting international aid given for America's "war on terror," in which it was used, instead of eradicating terrorist groups, to empower army divisions that would eventually perform an efficient crackdown on the people.