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Synonyms for corruptible

capable of being bribed

Synonyms for corruptible

capable of being corrupted

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For a corruptible politician, the higher the value of holding public office is, the greater is the derived demand for votes by incumbents wanting to obtain or keep governmental positions that can be made lucrative through power (see Tullock 1965).
Summary: The Kremlin's foreign policy increasingly seems to rest on the assumption that all countries are as corruptible as Vladimir Putin's Russia.
He stressed that it would be highly impossible, without corruptible imputations, for APC to muster 73 Senators in a chamber of 109 Senators to impeach Saraki.
Today, we don't lack corruptible conformists and egoists; we lack Orwells and Joneses.
Corruptible officials and weak law enforcement are an attractive mix for wildlife smugglers, more so as neighbouring Thailand tries to improve its reputation as the regional centre for the trade in endangered species.
Our mortal, corruptible body will certainly turn to dust in death but only to give way to a new and glorious life that will no longer die again.
But Juda, as the name subtly implies, is Jewish, and so promptly becomes the world's first Jewish vampire, whose destiny, so says a stern old rabbi, is to destroy all of the other vampires like they were so many Amalekites, paying special attention to the corruptible seed of one Dracula.
One must never forget King Charles I immortal words, before his execution: "I go from a corruptible, to an uncorruptible crown".
Apart from that, you seem to be in a fun-loving mood and totally corruptible. What a star and a stud.
However, the big questions that should be asked are: Why should any small clique of fallible, corruptible human beings be entrusted with such corruptive power?
Conrad's dark novel, set in 1886, dared to portray the nascent Victorian-era underworld complete with a corruptible police force, foreign-born anarchists, and a sympathetic underclass.
The psychometric tests used are meant to determine the suitability of each candidate to respond to particular situations and to test whether or not he or she has respect for law and order, human rights, is honest or corruptible. Computer programs, psychologists and sociologists will monitor and assess each person and subject them to the relevant tests.
But those who've read my comments here over the years know that I take exception to the concept that the fee-compensated have a unique claim to the moral high ground, while commission-based individuals are corruptible Morlocks."
In February, under pressure from the Shiite clergy and with support from America and Iran, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi proposed a Cabinet overhaul that would remove appointees with political and sectarian connections and replace them with presumably less corruptible nonpolitical technocrats.