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the capability of being corrupted

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11) Hence, this article does not differentiate between corruptibility and being corrupt, as these traits in the bureaucrat's behavior are only important when analyzing the incentives to be corrupt and determining the equilibrium incidence of corruption.
While greater lobbying by an ethnic group leads to a greater proportion of aid to the relevant source nation, the corruptibility of the donor government, among other factors, complements such aid flows.
As to the fact that it will never end, Thomas is very precise: according to divine revelation there will be a new heaven and earth; corruptibility will be done away with.
Salvation as divinization was a position that Tolkien shared with Dawson: "[T]he whole material world, will be brought into a true relation with the soul, so that everywhere matter is the extension of spirit" and "the earthly, elevated with the divine, [will] be freed from corruptibility, and transfigured" (Enquiries 284-286).
Nuns, then, are consistently depicted with undertones of weakness, vulnerability, and corruptibility.
In the end, to domesticate Mary's body, to construct a maternal image on the basis of human experience, is to raise the spector of corruptibility.
They then consider the means by which good government is achieved, focusing particularly on issues such as press freedom, corruption prevention, the role of international organizations, state legitimacy and the corruptibility of leaders, legislators and variation in quality of government, and the gendered nature of corruption.
He also advised fellow Islamists who rose to power in some Arab Spring countries to be wary of what he described as the corruptibility of power.
The allure and corruptibility of political power was the perfect backdrop to 'Price For Power' and a virtual experience like no other," said Kelly Bumann, SVP, digital marketing for Starz Entertainment.
Deformity and disfigurement were to become persistent themes in his novels and a vivid awareness of the corruptibility of the flesh was to lead him into some unusual paths.
Present-day radical Islam shares with totalitarian systems and schools of thought a profound fear of and belief in the corruptibility of human beings, which serves to legitimate its ruthlessness and intolerance.
This text treats such themes as the date of Christmas, Baptism of Our Lord and Annunciation, the Christological formula "one nature", the preparation of the Sacrament of Holy Myron in the Armenian Church, the fasting periods, the mixture of wine and water within the liturgy, and the corruptibility of the Body of Christ.
This republican ideology stressed the dangers of unchecked authority, the corruptibility of inherited power, and the tyrannical effect of tradition.
Such dramas as "Prince of the City," "Q&A," "Night Falls on Manhattan" and "Serpico" looked at the hard lives and corruptibility of New York police officers.