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the capability of being corrupted

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Despite both countries holding a favourable position in global fraud and corruption surveys, Transparency International's most recent annual ranking of how 175 nations perceived the corruptibility of their public sector was not all good news for Australia or for New Zealand.
The escape of notorious drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman from a Mexican prison in July 2015 was dramatic evidence of the chronic government corruptibility at the heart of Mexico's security crisis.
Contrary to the Chinese story's incorporeal philosophy of enlightenment, which draws attention to Tripitaka's discarding of his bodily garment as freedom from the corruptibility of the senses, the novel underscores the importance of Sally's physical self for healing.
Corruption is a problem for every society in the world, including the most advanced democracies, because corruptibility is a human trait.
The prevalent view of Peckinpah's Garrett --I've argued it myself--is that he was depicting in the character much of what he worried about, feared, or hated in himself: his abusiveness, his ambitiousness, his personal corruptibility, his spiritual emptiness, his own capacity for violence (notably toward women), his attraction to the sordid, his fear that he had sold himself out, his increasing isolation from family and old friends, and of course his alcoholism.
The Nazis believed that they could display the naked body over and over, to scorn its corruptibility while catching a last furtive glimpse, but only if they quickly pushed it into the maw of hell.
But he did not do himself any favors with his cabinet choices, many of whom had mediocre records that indicated corruptibility.
22) Thus, human salvation is primarily about deliverance from sin (and sin does pervade human existence), but it is secondarily about deliverance from perishability and corruptibility.
Palmer's virtue emerges again in this same episode when it is used as a rationale for an antiterrorist maneuver by Bauer and other CTU agents, and that virtue stands in clear opposition to the developing corruptibility of Logan's presidency.
Furthermore, Waller, Verdier, and Gardner (2002) show analytically that the effect of the wage rate on the extent of corruptibility of bureaucrats depends on the centralization level of corruption.
After outlining Kleist's reception of Rousseau and the scholarship devoted to it, Howe presents Rousseau as an Enlightenment thinker who treated the coexistence of perfectibility and corruptibility as a dialectical, historical process (26-27, 33).
Anyway, the reason Sister Noella believes this is because she thinks cheese is a very good symbol for human flesh and its corruptibility, and the fact that it doesn't last.
Citizens' reaction to information regarding the corrupt behavior of incumbents depends on their beliefs regarding the corruptibility of alternative leaders.