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a ridge on a corrugated surface

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the act of shaping into parallel ridges and grooves

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The corrugation generates highly turbulent flows, even with low Reynolds number and complex flow patterns involving swirling flow, separation, and reattachment of the boundary layer, as well as recirculation between the plates.
The part of the ingot starting from the end of the bottom part (150--300 mm) did not contain defects and this was followed by constrictions with corrugation along the length of 250-600 mm.
Tubes can also be stainless steel braided for higher pressures or can be special ordered in TEXfluor PFA corrugation for a maximum continuous operating temperature up to 300[degrees]F/148[degrees]C at 0 pressure.
Holes milled in the corrugation peaks of the outer copper conductor produce the radiating cable effect.
They include CNC ultraprecision form grinders, CNC column-type surface grinders, optical profile form grinders, and gear grinders as well as dedicated grinding machines, such as slit and corrugation type.
The leading edge of the pipe showed slight roughening of the corrugation from the abrasive flow of crushed sandstone.
However, after a variety of shock absorber fasteners are used, Beijing Subway [3], Shanghai Metro [4], Guangzhou Metro [5], and other vibration damping tracks have different degrees of rail corrugation. Figure 1 shows the rail corrugation in track structures of shock absorber fastener.
Among the used techniques in the design of the exchangers, the use of the corrugation provides increased turbulence and, thus, heat transfer.
KARACHI -- The Director General of National Accountability Bureau (NABSindh) Naeem Siraj has said that we all have to work together for the eradication of the menace of corrugation from the society.
The corrugation on upper and lower sides of the antenna is commonly used to suppress the surface-mode waves excited on the dielectric substrate and sidelobe level, to obtain higher gain, to improve the VSWR, and to widen the effective aperture size of antenna.
The correlations are functions of plates corrugation angle and Reynolds number (Focke et al.
In the present research the roughness characteristics of corrugated galvanized spiral ducts having a somewhat different corrugation profile from that examined by Kulkarni et al.
Key statement: A radial depth B of the pressure resistant reinforcement layer at a position of each of corrugation valleys of the rubber layer has such relationship with respect to a corrugation valley depth A of the rubber layer as 0< or =B< or=0.7xA, and an opening angle [theta] of each of the corrugation valleys of the rubber layer satisfies [theta] < or =100[degrees].
While not recommended for skid resistance and water resistance protection, the Nomar Series coatings are FDA approved and can withstand the heat of corrugation, will not transfer on to the packaged items, and are gluable with most water-based and hot-melt adhesives.