corrugated iron

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usually galvanized sheet iron or sheet steel shaped into straight parallel ridges and hollows

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Like most township children, these youngsters live in tumbledown, corrugated iron and wooden shacks that are often packed tightly together on litter-strewn ground, according to Philip Boyd, director of Dance for All.
Cecil's, with its eye-catching, a la House of Blues, corrugated iron, wood and glass rustic facade at the former Prezzo and onetime Aware Inn site, possesses a lively interior featuring a full bar, covered patio, small open kitchen and a compact menu.
The building she and her companions were using was an old corrugated iron warehouse long since discarded and later donated to the Sisters by the local Lutheran hospital.
Working in the fields for the last 16 months, prisoner Jim Devine has cleared away mountains of brambles, corrugated iron and the occasional bathtub.
The 1,980-square meter makeshift market, constructed of corrugated iron on Siwei Road near the Chengkung Public Housing Complex, has 200 stalls.
Corrugated Iron Sheet, Roofing nails (Galvanized clout nails), Insulation foam, Insulation slate or roll, Ruberoid or bitumen based film, Transparent polyethylene films, Glass, Portland Cement.
Police prised apart another corrugated iron sheet nailed to wooden joists at the entrance to the hole.
diy donny QOUR brick shed has a corrugated iron roof with attached felt underside.
The Tin Church was made of corrugated iron and was as tall as a house.
The timid creatures tend to hide under discarded rubbish such as sheets of wood, corrugated iron, carpets and stones.
Saints report "six or seven" corrugated iron stand panels were damaged by fans celebrating the 18-10 victory.
On arrival the crew discovered a corrugated iron roof on a single-storey extension at the back of the building well alight.
The 40-year-old man first crashed on to a slanted corrugated iron roof, which broke his fall, and then he rolled 50ft down the slope.