corrugated cardboard

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cardboard with corrugations (can be glued to flat cardboard on one or both sides)

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Flat corrugated cardboard soda trays/ boxes (one per student)
From August 1, residents should place glass in their recycling box alongside corrugated cardboard and small electrical items.
An organized madness has taken over the Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where a man playing a deer wears stilettos on his hands and photocopied images Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer are mounted on corrugated cardboard, adorned with pasta, and spray painted gold.
The corrugated cardboard and flexible packaging applications are expected to show moderate growth in the future due to the advancements in the trend of online shopping.
MAKE A STACK: Use corrugated cardboard from a cardboard box to cut out a stack of pancakes and colour on pictures or draw dots to use for counting or matching games, or to hide and use in a treasure hunt.
Look to the future: cardboard, corrugated cardboard and paperboard.
Design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard capable of racing 200 yards.
I assume it can't be built from corrugated cardboard or cereal box tops.
The chair is made from high quality FSCcertified corrugated cardboard and although it weighs less than one kg, it is able to support weight of up to 200kg.
Offered as an alternative to corrugated cardboard boxes, Perfect RSC boxes come in 50 different standard sizes and provide reusable, recyclable and sustainable packaging in a closed loop system.
High initial tack and lasting adhesion allows these labelstocks to adhere to items with high condensation, moisture or frost--including corrugated cardboard.
Laurence Tanty says that these figures are only the tip of the iceberg: "Over 55 percent of the estimated 49bn movements of goods in Europe each year use corrugated cardboard boxes.
SONAPACK Ghana Ltd is a subsidiary of the Rossmann Group, a pioneer in the corrugated cardboard industry since 1922 with a presence in Africa since 1986.
You will need: Corrugated cardboard Scissors Glue Thin wooden stick or thin plastic tube (like a straw) Sand and shells Method: Cut a starfish shape from corrugated cardboard.