corrugated board

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cardboard with corrugations (can be glued to flat cardboard on one or both sides)

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In this context, shelf ready and retail ready packaging made of corrugated board are gaining further importance.
Featuring a maximum speed of 350 boxes per minute - one of the fastest speeds available worldwide - the EVOL 4FGR-100 can produce beautifully finished corrugated boxes of diverse sizes, with a wide range of print options, from corrugated board.
Joncryl 633-E is an opaque acrylic emulsion that can replace up to 75% titanium dioxide in white inks for corrugated board and natural kraft substrates.
MKB Oluklu manufactured 12,000 tonnes of corrugated board packaging in 2012 compared with between 30,000 tonnes and 80,000 tonnes for Rondo's existing plants.
have formed an agreement giving Lubrizol the exclusive rights to manufacture, sell and distribute CorruTech corrugated board technology and related products on a worldwide basis excluding the United States and Canada.
Commercially, "The Dream and Memory Box" also had to be cost-effective, recyclable, made of high quality, sturdy corrugated board, and easy to ship.
ADPnews) - Jun 4, 2010 - Austrian corrugated board producer Duropack, a unit of Constantia Packaging (WBAG:COV), said today it has raised
SCA was Europe's leader in corrugated board packaging with sales of EUR3bn, operating 230 plants in 24 countries and employing 18,000 people.
Newly named Smurfit Kappa ELCORR (formerly known as Smurfit Kappa Oudenbosch Golfkarton) manufactures corrugated board packaging throughout the Benelux for customers with high product demands.
A CWMBRAN corrugated board manufacturer company yesterday creased trading with the loss of 132 jobs.
99, the 12-inch pizza is an economical format that is overwrapped on a corrugated board for a "store-made" look.
Among specific topics are a license plate recognition algorithm based on radial basis function neural networks, fabric weave design based on cellular automata theory, the experimental education of technical courses in the information age, learning causal semantic representation from information extraction, a symplectic scheme of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation, and a humanoid intelligent control system of plastic corrugated board synchronous shearing.
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Manufactured from FSC certified EB flute, corrugated board the unit is screenprinted in four colours with a matt coating to replicate the finish of the Dorset Cereals primary packaging displayed within the unit.
The Company runs Central Asia's largest producer of paper, corrugated board and packaging products through a subsidiary, which was established in 2001.