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impervious to corrosion

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Kwandong Hockey Center's exterior walls are made with 329LD, POSCO's corrosion-resistant high-strength stainless steel.
The department also issued anti-dumping duties of 3 percent to 92 percent on producers of corrosion-resistant steel in Italy, India, South Korea and Taiwan, it said in a statement.
In the months ahead, we also expect to see significant increases in our sales of corrosion-resistant coatings and the lubricants we package for the aftermarket.
Ryan Herco Flow Solutions (Burbank, CA) is a leading industrial distributor of corrosion-resistant, ultrapure, high value filtration and fluid handling products.
Featuring a food-friendly drive system and lube-free adjusting system made of corrosion-resistant, long-life polymer components, the upgrade eliminates rust and the need for constant oiling.
Mold inserts are generally made of corrosion-resistant chrome steel, but ejector pros are usually made of hot-work steel, which is not corrosion resistant.
The material is said to have excellent insulative and corrosion-resistant properties, as well as molded-in color, making it ideal for use in the food service industry.
Cleveland, Ohio, has developed a heavy-duty, self-contained, corrosion-resistant, fluid-actuated PTO clutch specifically designed for use with Caterpillar truck transmissions.
The ITC issued a ruling in 1993 that corrosion-resistant carbon flat steel products from Japan and other countries were being dumped in the U.
Units are designed with high-quality, corrosion-resistant insert bearings (coated or stainless).
STEEL-IT High-Temp Metallic Blend #7156 paint features a 316L stainless steel leafing pigment and other metallic components that create a durable, corrosion-resistant, satin finish that can withstand up to 1,200F (650C) and temperature cycling.
Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners For Construction is an APA technical note with fastener recommendations for exterior siding, permanent wood foundations and fire-retardant treated plywood.
Stainless steel 4X junction box assemblies from Phoenix Contact are said to make industrial wiring projects requiring multiple numbers of corrosion-resistant wall-mount junction boxes of similar configuration easier than ever.
To match compact motors' ability to withstand tough environments, the new valves are compact, robust, corrosion-resistant and completely sealed, Hagglunds Business Segment Manager Ingemar Borg says.
Aircraft upgrades and substitutions included more corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys in the wings and other structures, better sealants on faying surfaces, wet installations of fasteners, and use of corrosion-resistant topcoats in critical interior areas.