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a state of deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action

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World's first compact metal corrosion sensor that can be mounted directly on printed circuit boards
The progress of any corrosion can be gauged by measuring the increase in electrical resistance of the corrosion sensors.
Cortec's M-120 additive contains a special blend of corrosion inhibitors that protect against corrosion by forming a microscopic inhibitor layer along the contours of the metal substrate.
M-120 can help formulators meet these demands by delivering a water-based corrosion inhibitor that does not contain heavy metals but provides a microscopic protection layer on metal surfaces.
We all know corrosion when we see it, from the white powder-like substance you can swipe off the surface to red and black rust that has eaten through the metal.
We also know that aircraft living in coastal regions (saltwater is the enemy) are more susceptible to rapid corrosion, but aircraft that operate in and are parked around industrial areas are equally susceptible.
'However, if mitigation is not considered as a preventive action during the start of the project then the cost of corrosion damage could incurr losses worth millions.
It will be organised by Saudi Arabia National Association of Corrosion Engineers, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers of West Asia and the Africa region and the Bahrain Society of Engineers in co-operation with the National Oil and Gas Authority (Noga).
"Many metallic articles are usually used under conditions where they are attacked or applied by the atmosphere and by moisture - hence corrosion by the attack of these two media is the most familiar kind.
Extensive testing is carried before the selection of corrosion resistant plastic to choose the right material for a specific application as this material needs to pass all the necessary tests to qualify for the end-use application.
Corrosion is the chemical and physical properties of metal and metal-like materials event change.
Hitherto, good results have been obtained in the research of nitrogen corrosion inhibitors, but few reports have described the mechanism of action between phosphorus corrosion inhibitors and metal surfaces.
However, the complex chloride environment tends to be invalidated ahead of lifetime in welded parts, so it is significant to study the corrosion behavior of welded parts [3, 4].