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Martinez-Madrid, "Residual life of corroding reinforced concrete structures in marine environment," Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, vol.
From the table, we can know that the strain sensitivity will improve with corroding time increasing.
Figure 2 illustrates that the shape of the stress-strain curve for all the RCs in marine environment was similar to that of the natural aggregate concrete, irrespective of the RCA replacement percentage and corroding time, which leads to the conclusion that the theory of plasticity would be still suitable for structural design process.
This implies that if corrosion cracking can be prevented, or at least decreased, a certain degree of structural strength may be maintained in a corroding RC beam.
By using current generating equipment, it is possible to reproduce a current equal in strength to the corroding current, but flowing in the opposite direction.
They found the fuel had started corroding parts in the fuel system of the aircraft -- the carburetor and the fuel system," he said.
The bolts were found to be corroding after a lorry crash on the Park Circus exit slip road caused damage to the crash barrier.
Due to the patchy nature of the corrosion and the large area of the nests, samples that were collected from non-corroding metal were taken from an area of a nest without corrosion or from a nest on metal that did not contain corroding areas.
The still-fierce steel hardware has been subjected to a corroding chemical and the leather permeated with chalk dust, giving everything a blanched, slightly worn cast.
Dai, "Experimental study of concrete corroding in brine and fresh water under dry-wet circulation," Journal of Qinghai University (Nature Science), vol.
Since tie reinforcement is the nearest to the surface, being exposed to chloride attack, they may start corroding prior to the corrosion initiation of vertical reinforcement.
Sources of lead contamination include corroding pipes and solder.
What one should look for in his work is the simultaneous narrative: the eye that disciplines the inherent shape of time corroding things, just as it corrodes the memory of fathers who do not speak, the memory of ourselves, faces on the screen, sculptures disappearing right before our eyes.