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The anode rod is a sacrificial zinc rod that helps keep the tank from corroding.
The operator reportedly hopes to dump the contaminated water in order to prevent it from corroding facilities at the plant.
If discharged too far, "AA" alkaline batteries start corroding internally.
A conceptual model [1] to estimate the service life of corroding reinforced concrete is based on corrosion initiation and corrosion propagation time periods.
In these tests, TuffCor bolts lasted 5,000 hours without corroding, but standard bolts corroded after 1,000 hours.
A new system is being introduced at Sunderland tunnel to replace the overhead lines which have been found to be corroding at a much faster rate than usual.
When the company received a report that said that the accumulated sediment in the pipeline might be corroding it, he reduced the inspection personnel responsible for monitoring the pipeline by 25 percent.
Sources of lead contamination include corroding pipes and solder.
The mat will soak up any battery acid and prevent the acid from corroding the bottom of the battery box.
The government contended that the pins sold by RAM began cracking and corroding.