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worked corroboratively in an amiable negotiation with the union," the cities said in a statement.
Mayor Anderson added: "We can work more corroboratively in partnership and get better about fiefdoms protected and maintained Mayor of pictured right outcomes for patients." The Royal and Aintree employ a combined 10,000 staff and have a joint budget of more than PS700m a year.
"The signing of this Declaration signals our aim to work corroboratively with other local authorities and services to reduce alcohol harm and health inequalities in across the region."
Mike | Mr Sarginson, who is among the NEPIC cluster team delivering a UKTI-sponsored project tasked with growing the economy of the Northeast, said: "We already have many outstanding, world class automotive manufacturers in this part of the world - Nifco being a good example - but we have never really worked corroboratively across the sector for the greater good of the region.
Carmichael said: "I'm pleased the Scottish Government recognises the need for Scotland's two governments to work together corroboratively."
Working with all the other education establishments in Eastside corroboratively we have the opportunity to be more than the sum of parts, we can create something quite novel that can attract major commercial investment to the area."
Our conversations with Smith left us believing she and her group genuihely want to corroboratively build a system that works for all.
Corroboratively, the local governance concept is also defined as "the formulation and execution of collective action at the local level" (Shah and Shah 2006: 1); as 'network management' (Goss 2001: 91); as 'innovative coalitions' among municipalities and non-state actors 'to close operational and participatory governance gaps' (Steets 2003: 4).
Today there are many new open source freeware projects run by communities of people that corroboratively create code and programs online where anybody may download and use them.
"They start talking corroboratively and collectively, abandoning their own insular agendas and working to one common purpose.
He performed the two analyses and used the information corroboratively to determine the probable speed.
Dell has now extended many of its internal databases to customers and suppliers over secure internet sites, giving them, for instance, a direct view into the manufacturing operations or the chance to work corroboratively on product designs, something he claimed would shave 30% off development times.
(3) Waldron and Joanis, Understanding and Corroboratively Treating Parental Alienation Syndrome, 10 AM.