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capable of being corrected or set right


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Self-efficacy is a modifiable and corrigible variable and can be enhanced by implementing an appropriate training program.
Such discourses assure us that otaku are really out there and are knowable (if subjected to sufficient research) and manageable or corrigible (once sufficiently known).
Obviously, this kind of reasoning is always corrigible. However, we are not aiming at skepticism in this paper; the important role filled by the premise that reality is subject to natural laws, in explaining the ability to extend knowledge beyond perceptions, is undeniable.
But Meyer knew Dewey more profoundly, into regions where the truth is ever corrigible and unstable.
A robust moral community, be it an ethical republic or a kingdom of ends, requires members who can make generally reliable, albeit fallible and corrigible, judgments about their own needs and interests.
The semiotic failure that results from a tourist's lack of appropriate interpretants is easily corrigible, however.
There was earlier what Paul Wilkinson calls a 'potentially corrigible terrorism' restraining its use of violence and then an 'incorrigible terrorism' with 'absolutist and maximalist aims' aiming ultimately at world domination or destruction (Wilkinson 2006, p.
It is reasonable to propose a different task for mathematical philosophy, not to seek indubitable truth, but to give an account of mathematical knowledge as it really is--fallible, corrigible, tentative, and evolving, as is every other kind of human knowledge.
Hoffman, Efficient Corporate Harm: A Chicago Metaphysic, in CORRIGIBLE CORPORATIONS AND UNRULY LAW 101 (Brent Fisse & Peter A.
I live, to be sure, by the practical faith that we must go on experiencing and thinking over our experience, for only thus can our opinions grow more true: but to hold any one of them--I absolutely do not care which--as if it never could be reinterpretable or corrigible, I believe to be a tremendously mistaken attitude, and I think that the whole history of philosophy will bear me out.
Hayek's Spontaneous Order: The "Correct" versus the "Corrigible" Society.
'Abdu's most un-tragic denouement sees Justice done: the corrigible sinners are forgiven, the incorrigible sent to their damnation.
Ernest (1991) also elaborates on these perspectives that "the absolutist view that mathematical truth is absolutely certain, that mathematics is the one and perhaps the only realm of certain, unquestionable and objective knowledge [whereas] fallibilist view that mathematical truth is corrigible, and can never be regarded as being above revision and correction" (Ernest, 1991, p.
This means nothing else than that representation is directly dependent on sensation and its fixation in memory is--due to the repetition of sensation--a corrigible process.
Foreign languages can be learnt and even our 'precepts are corrigible'.