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Synonyms for correspondence

Synonyms for correspondence

Synonyms for correspondence

compatibility of observations

the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount

similarity by virtue of corresponding


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Third, the Spirit is said to work actively in culture, though on this point, the correspondency is less united or converging.
If closural neatness and the snap of internal correspondency were
(22) Similarly, Emerson's junior American Scholar, the "schoolboy under the bending dome of day," closely resembles Coleridge's philosophical chemist in The Friend, who "labours instinctively to extract.., the unity of principle through all the diversity of forms," a "principle of connection given by the mind, and sanctioned by the correspondency of nature." The Friend, ed.
The loan was placed with a Wall Street investment bank with whom Houlihan-Parnes/iCap Realty Advisors, LLC has a correspondency agreement.
It is a technical term in Chinese moral writers for which there is no exact correspondency in English, and which cannot always be rendered the same way"; Legge, Chinese Classics, 1:138-9.
The third milestone he points out is winning the Allianz correspondency in 1993.