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Synonyms for correlate

Synonyms for correlate

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for correlate

either of two or more related or complementary variables

to bear a reciprocal or mutual relation

bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation

mutually related

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Following promising research and the filing of a patent application, Severn Trent partnered with Echologics to design and commercially launch a correlator, branded LeakFinderST, which features improved performance In terms of accuracy and speed of correlation.
Within, there is space for the MeerKAT correlators and even for the correlators and electronics of the first phase of the SKA.
Considering 1B/2L correlator only gives the correlation coefficient of the input signals, the power of the input signals are measured to denormalize the coefficients into visibility function samples.
1 dB Receiver Bandwidth 400 MHz LO Frequency 32 GHz (mmW Front End) 2 GHz (I/Q Demodulator) Power Measurement System 8 bit ADC (200 MSPS) and Auto Correlator Calibration Method Noise Injection (External Point Source and Background Cancellation) Single Image Integration Time 0.
With this correlator sharing, the total complexity can be reduced.
They are the real to complex ratio of the discrete quaternion correlator output (p-value) [11], peak to sidelobe ratio (PSR) [14] and the max product fuzzy neural network classifier value (G-value).
Comprised of 35 PRIMERGY x86 servers from Fujitsu and a specialized computational unit, the ACA Correlator meets the rigorous requirements demanded by the project, including computational performance capable of performing real-time processing of 512 billion samples of telescope radio signal data per second at a computational rate of 120 trillion operations per second, as well as the ability to ensure stable operations under harsh environmental conditions at an altitude of 5,000 meters and pressure of 0.
On scanning of these areas the correlator would give a definite 'yes' or 'no' on whether the laminate is genuine and whether it has been damaged - ie tampered with.
To computes the 276 complex cross-correlations, a digital correlator unit is designed.
Sin ser un concepto compartido, en tanto coexisten diferentes puntos de vista y experiencias, si se ha consolidado una practica de la escucha que visibiliza al otro como correlator de la experiencia compartida.
Data is collected every, 10 [micro]sec, and the developer must determine the algorithm that tells the correlator what the baseline is for gathering the signal generating the "correlogram", or chart that maps the signal and noise.
where n is the correlator output port index, [phi] the phase difference between the two input signals of the six-port junction, [K.
Avalanche photodiode (APD) is used in an optical correlator receiver [13].
The second is towards external leak monitoring technologies, known as data loggers, which are a type of correlator that is permanently mounted on the pipeline to detect leaks as they occur, thereby minimising the duration of time for which the leak flows.
EoACA[pounds sterling]This system is a game changer for the RAAF because of its fully integrated data link capabilities, multi-level communications, multi-source correlator tracking and advanced system management capabilities.