correlational analysis

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the use of statistical correlation to evaluate the strength of the relations between variables

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Correlational analysis was used to evaluate the degree to which items in the theoretically-derived subscales correlated with each other.
Table 6: Correlational analysis between VF tasks (phonemic and action), demographic, cognitive, and clinical measures.
The correlational analysis reveals the results presented in Table 9.
However Pearson correlational analysis did not revealed significant relationship in satisfaction with life and burnout-professional efficacy r = .
A correlational analysis relating organizational climate to employee performance: A case study.
Correlational Analysis of Motivational Interviewing and Humanistic Psychology.
Correlational analysis of rotation intensity demonstrated a difference between the drug effects in the control group vs.
Reliability (Cronbach alpha) analysis, correlational analysis, t test, and nonparametric Wilcoxon and sign test were used for the data analysis of the surveys.
Subsequently, we conducted a canonical correlational analysis for each gender.
Regarding trend in usage over time, the levels were not significant, but the correlational analysis showed a negative correlation (r = -.
The relationship between exposure variables, brain volumetrics, and cognitive results were examined by correlational analysis.
Correlational analysis was conducted to determine if demographic variables were associated with the study variables to determine the necessity to control for these in the multivariate analysis.