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a two-way tabulation of the relations between correlates

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Table 1 : Descriptive Statistics Varibales M SD Depression 32.72 10.85 Death anxiety 13.23 3.33 Self efficacy 17.50 4.35 Table 2 : Correlation Table showing Correlation among three Variables DEPR DEAN SEFF DEPR 1.000 .01 -0.41 (**) DEAN 1.000 -0.79 (**) SEFF 1.000 (*) p<0.05, (**) p<0.01 DEPR- Depression, DEAN- Death Anxiety, SEFF- Self Efficacy
In the correlation table, LSI-R score yields a negative or inverse relationship with both social support domains.
In 2nd correlation table, country of origin has relationship with consumer preferences because the P-Value = .000 which is less than 0.05.
To analyze the region (towers and the links between towers) in which both the sets of base stations are incorporated for very fragile service in the communication network, first, construct correlation tables of (A [[conjunction].sup.X] B) and (A [[conjunction].sup.E] B) for vertices and edges, respectively.
It includes data sets, cases, and a correlation table for popular accounting texts.
On the other hand, the Commission refused to transmit, for each of these studies, the sections entitled Summary', Legal analysis of transposition measures' and Conclusions', as well as the annex containing a correlation table on the legislation of the member state concerned and relevant Union law.
A Pearson correlation coefficient was calculated to determine the relationship between calls per hours for 9days as shown in the correlation table above.
The High Institute of Engineering, Shorouk, Cairo, Egypt Table 1: Correlation table for % water added for bauxite based mixes containing citrate.
Table--I Correlation table of personality traits Correlations Achievement LOC Achievement Pearson Correlation 1 .085 Sig.
The correlation table shows that none of the independent variables are correlated above the 0.7 threshold recommended for establishing the existence of multicollinearity (Zhu and Kraemer 2002).
Various summary statistics, correlation table, results of Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF) test and regression results are given below:
This hypothesis again has one independent variable and three dependent variables; therefore, Pearson correlation was carried out to ascertain the relationships and significance of relationships were ascertained through significance values of correlation table. The summarized results are presented in Table 3.
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