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Simple correlation coefficients among germination percentage after AA test and germination, laboratory and field emergence.
The correlation coefficients among characteristics in the first (+) group of F1 are within the range from 0.371 to 0.917 and those of the second (-) group from 0.390 to 0.847.
Multiple attribute decision making method using correlation coefficients of normal neutrosophic sets.
From Figure 14, it can be found that when 4 x [10.sup.4] times is selected as the demarcation point, the Pearson correlation coefficients of PSV and D in the front interval (0~4 x [10.sup.4] times) is higher than the Pearson correlation coefficients of PSV and [R.sub.q] in the after interval (4 x [10.sup.4] ~ 28 x [10.sup.4] times).
In contrast, the correlation coefficients for South China and Northwest China are as large as 0.65 and 0.68.
Associations between PET and histopathological findings were analyzed by Spearman's correlation coefficient. The reported Pearson's correlation coefficients in some studies were converted into Spearman's correlation coefficients according to the previous description [56].
We certainly were not the first people to recognize that correlation coefficients did not assess agreement but rather association.
UK and French DHG have a good explanation power to HPI, with correlation coefficients of 0.8774 in the UK and 0.934 in France.
For the partial correlation coefficients, the association between HA and SER had a negative value statistically equal to zero (Table 1), indicating no relationship between these variables in Guinea grass cv.
The high estimates genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients in Isabgol were observed for the various characters are broadly agreement with reports of Harphool et al.
Correlation coefficient, heritability, and correlative heritability were calculated as follows:
Through the above data, the correlation coefficients between the color parameters and their polar components were calculated.
A correlation coefficient analysis data tool pack within Microsoft Excel[R] was used to determine correlation coefficients between the variables listed in Table 2.
Correlation coefficients (Pearson)were calculated between observed arch widths and those predicted according to Pont's index.
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