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Synonyms for correlate

Synonyms for correlate

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for correlate

either of two or more related or complementary variables

to bear a reciprocal or mutual relation

bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation

mutually related

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The presence of dihydroxy radicals scavenging by functionality imparts good hydrogen antioxidants donation abilities, correlatable with low bond-dissociation enthalpy values [118].
It generated a large amount of searchable and correlatable information within a short time frame.
Hence, noises are not correlatable, while anomalies are.
A related, and thus correlatable, experiment could be designed using Milton's portrait of Satan's progeny, Death, which Coleridge singles out in his corresponding analysis of the "grandest [cognitive] effects of poetry" (Shakespearean Criticism 2.
Comparing to the Poohri region stratigraphy, where the chalkstone complex is ranked to the Brezno formation (Coniacian) and rated as zone Xd, this carbonate complex in other parts of the basin is correlatable in its whole surface scope (Figs.
Correlatable to IE *wes- 'to clothe' (Wat 101), Burushaski also has the verb -wasi- 'put s-thing in or on', (fory-sg objects bisi-) 'put on; wear; don (clothing); fix, attach; fit; throw; suspend, hang (etc.
formosensis extracts may be correlatable to the anti-inflammatory of this C.
Although not directly correlatable, in terms of terrane affiliations, the Anyox deposits are similar in many respects to the Windy Craggy deposit that occurs within the Alexander Terrane of the Insular Belt (Peter and Scott 1999), in northern British Columbia.
30) To the observer in antiquity, such flash floods, possibly with no evidence of a correlatable visible meteorological event, may have indeed appeared catastrophic and would have carried significant sediment loads onto the Alpheios River floodplains and riverine settlements, including the city of Olympia.
The second cycle is correlatable with the Vandra Beds of the Nurmekund Formation, which consist of nodular wacke- and packstones (or their dolomitized analogues), formed in the low-energy environment of the open shelf facies zone (Nestor & Einasto 1977), whereas the rocks of the present cycle were formed in the high-energy shoal environment.
In deep-sea sediments, however, correlatable deposits can be found preserved, being the best witnesses of environmental conditions on the continents.
Remnants of the second oldest coastal terrace (the alluvial "Big Ridge" unit and surface), correlatable with the Montgomery in SW Louisiana and east Texas occur east and west of the Pascagoula River.
However, the wage differential may also be related to selective placement of blacks in firms with structural characteristics that are correlatable with lower wage rates.