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Of 85 seats analysed at random, in 51 cars only 31 were fitted correctly and, when the suitability and fitting of the child were taken into account, that figure dropped to just 13.
80% or more of older respondents answered correctly
The consumers who were most satisfied with their banks answered on average 47% of the questions correctly and the consumers who were most engaged with their banks answered 50% correctly.
The national initiative aims to ensure that babies and children are correctly restrained while travelling in the car, by showing parents, grandparents and carers the correct way to fit child safety seats.
Answering a numeric question correctly in the three-question sequence was associated with a $20,000 increase in total household wealth and about a $7,000 increase in total financial wealth.
More than half wrongly believe that English is the most common language, while just over a third (37 percent) correctly identified it as Mandarin Chinese, The Telegraph reports.
36% of women and 32% of men were unable to correctly identify the main beam headlight lamp; 51% of women, compared to 71% of men, were able to correctly identify the warning light indicating high coolant temperature - yet ignoring this could lead to engine damage.
The picture from the National Geographic shows a boy heading the ball correctly while practicing "keep up.
He said none of the other students correctly answered that one -- and neither did he.
Any user has to be correctly identified through a multiple series of passwords and other identification codes in order to enter any protected files.
stairs, garden, bedroom), SW was unable to name them correctly in Japanese.
Louise Williams' statement regarding health and safety was in relation to the flagman and where he may safely be positioned to carry out his duties and, as she correctly pointed out, it would have been dangerous for him to stand in the middle of the track.
However, a massive 77 per cent were unable to identify correctly more than six of the signs.
None of the drivers surveyed could identify all 12 signs correctly.