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Synonyms for corrective

Synonyms for corrective

something that corrects or counteracts

Synonyms for corrective

a device for treating injury or disease

designed to promote discipline

tending or intended to correct or counteract or restore to a normal condition

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However, the NBU Board decision dated 25 August 2016 lifted the restrictions from general information on the application of corrective measures.
Known for their thorough and friendly approach, the award-winning doctors at Corrective Chiropractic have been providing Georgia residents with expert back care for almost a decade.
Here, we'll examine two major components of corrective action systems--root cause investigation and effectiveness check--and how to strengthen them to optimize processes.
The Indian central bank has said that it has launched corrective action against Oriental Bank of Commerce.
Commissioner Rallings has been an exemplary leader for Queensland Corrective Services," said Minister Ryan.
Further, it was explored that topics on written corrective feedback are not included in teachers' professional development courses or trainings and teachers do not have any model to follow for corrective feedback on L2 writings.
1,404 smokers ranging in age from 18 to 64 years old and of diverse ethnic, gender and income groups were presented with the corrective statements.
Corrective completed the regular season at 11-0 and went 3-0 in the playoffs to finish at 14-0 and recapture the league title it last won two years ago.
Because exchanging corrective feedback is complex and multifaceted, proficiency in delivering it requires an understanding of what feedback is, how it can be used to full advantage, and why it is important to prepare the giver and receiver.
Walsh said: "We argued the slap down the shoulder was corrective and for safety.
Squadrons didn't follow up, let too much time pass, or took inadequate corrective actions.
Schools that miss AYP for 4 years are identified for corrective action, and after 6 years, they must be restructured.
But a team of doctors and nurses who performed 67 corrective surgeries in a recent weeklong trip to Santa Clarita's sister city in Ecuador heard no such complaints from patients or their extended-family entourages.
The data reveal that the instructor principally engaged in implicit corrective feedback for both groups.
See if you can name the violation AMD the corrective action required.
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