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Synonyms for corrective

Synonyms for corrective

something that corrects or counteracts

Synonyms for corrective

a device for treating injury or disease

designed to promote discipline

tending or intended to correct or counteract or restore to a normal condition

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Appedo, a leading provider of Performance Software Analytics, today announced Corrective Self Healing technology as part of their analytics platform.
Between one half and one third of the study participants stated that some information in the corrective statements was novel to them.
League Organizer Susan Smiley handed out the trophies to the season winners, Firewater & Wine, first place; Corrective Chiropractic, second; and Team Liberty, third, and gave out the first sportsmanship award to Cain Electric, which was voted on by league umpires Kevin Baer, Bill Hackler and Don Hoban.
Page, "Development of the Corrective Feedback Instrument: A Tool for Use In Counselor Training Groups," Journal for Specialists in Group Work 19 (1994): 197.
Corrective exercises focus on identifying incorrect patterns of movement, identifying what muscles are weak or strong, lengthened or shortened, and what can be done to correct imbalances in the body.
Whether or not participants in the MF group noticed the recast at all, and subsequently whether or not they perceived the recast to be a corrective measure is in question.
You'll also receive a survey to comment on the effectiveness of the corrective action.
If it breaks at 70,000 miles, it is corrective maintenance.
704(b) capital account includes unrealized partnership items) or through corrective allocations of future gross items (because the option holder's Sec.
The regulation requires the creditor to take corrective action when the results of the self-test indicate that "it is more likely than not" that a violation occurred.
Did not complete the corrective or monitoring actions required as a condition of acceptance of the firms' most recent peer reviews: Candia Grunwald, CPA PC, Gilbert, Ariz.
Other mistakes include the absence of language supporting and defending the facility's approach and an insufficient response to the basic federal requirement of a POC: A description of the complete corrective action.
Steam-generating unit operating days when the calculated 30-day average nitrogen oxide emissions exceed standards, reasons for the excess and corrective actions taken;
Nothing better dramatizes these challenges than situations where a corrective action, or the denial, reduction or termination of a physician's appointment or privileges at a hospital is taken.
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