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the department of local government that is responsible for managing the treatment of convicted offenders

the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole

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Michelle Sides, registered nurse, Corrections Corporation of America, West Tennessee Detention Facility, Mason, Tenn.
1988) suggested that teachers should group error corrections based on the suspected cause of the error.
These corrections that we have just discussed can be automatically calculated with modern software at the end of the testing (refs.
Editor's Note: To compensate for 219 errors, the company has implemented a second "cross correction" table for each axis, which allows for additional error correction based on another axis' position.
This instructor exhibited four recasting patterns: 1) direct repetition of the phrase with corrections, 2) introduction of a corrected, recasted phrase with "yes", 3) salient recasts, defined as recasts made prominent through notational devices such as capital letters, italics, character marking * [ ], etc.
If you discover a failure, no matter how large or small, make voluntary and timely corrections to minimize fees and sanctions.
However, the procedure of the extraction of this matrix element involves calculations of radiative corrections for Fermi transition in nuclei.
The Los Angeles Times published a correction saying that the review "incorrectly characterized the work as 'anti-abortion'" when in fact "there is no issue of abortion in the opera, which extols procreation.
For additional information on corrections, send email to eideditor@cdc.
Walter Kirn, whose novel ``Up in the Air'' was the book du jour before ``The Corrections,'' raved in GQ, ``challenging, worthy and hugely energetic, yet .
98-22 be revised to require that corrections be made only for failures that occurred in years that are then open under the statutes of limitations.
9, 1991 to allow for the correction of most plan defects.
CCA's initiative builds on the company's existing policies, which for years have resulted in suicide rates below the national prison average, and is a landmark development in that it incorporates best practices from across the corrections industry on a national scale.
Mitchell Bradshaw, assistant warden of programs, Corrections Corporation of America, Hardeman County Correctional Facility, Whiteville, Tenn.
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