correctional rehabilitation

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providing penal custody or probation or parole for convicted offenders

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Goggin and Law, 1997: Gendreau, Little and Goggin, 1996), the effectiveness of correctional rehabilitation (Andrews, Zinger et al.
1990) meta-analysis was the effectiveness of correctional rehabilitation in reducing criminal recidivism.
Unfortunately, too few correctional rehabilitation programs use change-score methodology in the evaluation of client and program effectiveness.
He worked as a counselor in the correctional rehabilitation division and later in pretrial release.
When 'what works' never did: Dodging the scarlet 'M' in correctional rehabilitation, Criminology & Public Policy, 5(2):339-346.
Despite this encouraging news, treatment staff burnout has been virtually overlooked as a barrier to correctional rehabilitation.
Without question, treatment staff are the most important resource in correctional rehabilitation.
The reformers sought to change the idea of crime control from punishment to one of correctional rehabilitation.
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