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Hernando Correctional Institution Brooksville, Florida
DOJ's proposal is to construct prison facilities in Nueva Ecija and Capiz and empty out the New Bilibid Prison and the Correctional Institution for Women," Canilao said.
The Penal and correctional institution in Dubai invests the potentials and capabilities of the inmates, to sharpen their skills, with the aim of rehabilitation and reform.
Antonio Comacho Negron, imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, was held in a Secure Housing Unit from September 11 until October 2.
Over the past two years, the department has opened five reintegration centers, including three at Cybulski Correctional Institution that focuses on DUI offenders, those who are military veterans, and the general population; one at York Correctional Institution focused on female offenders; and one at the Cheshire Correctional Institution that is focused on the youth population between the ages of 18 to 25.
Oregon Women's Correctional Institution, Salem - 47 inmates employed at a call center.
Many of the items are believed to be the property of the California Correctional Institution, Hansen said.
In a move to ease communication between the inmates and their families, the Punitive and Correctional Institution of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah will soon allow video communication.
Recently, Heery completed its $245 million, 1,358-bed Federal Correctional Institution for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Berlin, N.
State Department of Corrections officials maintain that tests of the water at the California Correctional Institution show it is safe to drink.
Correctional officers at Tai Lam Centre for Women yesterday (November 6) intercepted a female remand person in custody who was smuggling suspected dangerous drugs into the correctional institution by concealing them inside her body.
Scout Troop 2140 doesn't meet in a cozy den, but behind concertina wire at the sprawling Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.
Tenders are invited for Transitional Outreach Specialist Services for the Oshkosh Correctional Institution in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Summary: The Department of Punitive and Correctional Institution of Fujairah General Police Directorate has organized a workshop called "Turning Ideas into Projects", with the participation of 21 detainees, in cooperation with Fujairah Cultural and Social Association.
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