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And here we find the root of the challenge: given the expectation that the true church will see things differently from the rest of the world (including the Mennonite corpusculum Christianum), what process might possibly discern whether a pilot project is truly a success or a failure?
cuius sacrum corpusculum in ara crucis torridum crurore eius roseo gustando vivimus deo.
Em Paulo Diacono Constantinopolim tem o sentido de um ablativo na expressao Constantinopolim egressus, e Neapolim serve de sujeito em nunc tamen corpusculum Neapolim retinet (3).
We find a more familiar verbal equivalent in corpusculum (literally, a "little body"), which accentuates smallness over generativity and introduces an analogical correspondence between microscopic or macroscopic levels of biological organization.
Translators with hardened, cliplike corpusculum in which some part of pollinator's body becomes caught for removal; pollen gathered into 4 minute pollinia attached directly or indirectly to the corpusculum Secamonoideae