corpus delicti

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the body of evidence that constitute the offence

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Jeffrey Barnard made a mysterious comment that the corpus delicti belonged to him for the time being "because an allegation was made which falls within" Texas criminal procedure, according to the Los Angeles Times.
et al./si altii, si alte lucruri in personam in personam/cu privire la persoana in rem in rem/cu privire la lucru/fapt in propria persona expresia se refera la infractiuni cu autor unic actus reus actus reus/elementul esential al unei infractiuni ce trebuie dovedit corpus delicti corp delict mens rea intentie criminala h) French (II).
Drawing on both Appadurai's (1986) and Gell's (1998) work, I attempt to write a biography of these prasasti consisting of five main stages: 1) the prasasti as objects of historical knowledge about their origin; 2) from legal documents to divinities; 3) the theft of the pratima and a search by spiritual means; 4) the police hunt and the recovery of the stolen goods; and 5) ambiguity between pratima and corpus delicti. The last part of this article consists of an interview with the thief and a report on his fatal end.
The corpus delicti is a plain flacon from among the possessions of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, who lived around 1450 B.C.
whole of the corpus delicti." (9) This rule was interpreted to
On to the third proof, the corpus delicti itself: three sentences from "'Socially Harmful Elements'" that I used, not in Cannibal Island but in the disputed article "The Mechanism of a Mass Crime." (The link between Canniballsland and "The Mechanism of a Mass Crime" is simply asserted but never demonstrated.) As I mentioned earlier, I made the mistake of agreeing to write this article directly in English, a language that I, of course, do not know as well as French.
Yet, the court decided that the crime was committed.The ex-Defense Minister was announced not guilty of illegal sale of the military equipment from the Balykchy military unit and misuse of special funds of the Defense Ministry for celebrations and fourchettes due to absence of corpus delicti.Ismail Isakov was arrested in the court room and was taken to the temporary detention facility of the State National Security Service of the Kyrgyz Republic.The court found former chief of Balykchy military unit Nurdin Kaimov guilty of embezzlement of military vehicles and fraud.
The two central tropes of Lima's analysis are the body and memory, in many cases linked through the juridical notion of the corpus delicti (or body of crime), to explore the abject relationship between the American nation and the Latino community as illegal bodies or aliens.
At the center, often, is some mishap or catastrophe, the corpus delicti that spurred the trial.
Thus, we discover that the investigating judges needed corpus delicti (tangible evidence of a crime) and two unimpeachable witnesses for a valid conviction.
It addresses such subjects as corpus delicti; lawyer/client relationships; chemical evidence presumptions; pre-trial investigation; discovery; obtaining defense analysis of chemical evidence; implied consent laws; plea bargaining techniques; and jury selection.
Invariably, some couple arguing about an eminently forgettable matter stumbles upon the bloody (and not infrequently mutilated) corpse, and, as soon as we're back from the credits, detectives Briscoe and Green have arrived at the yellow-taped scene to question the beat cops, medical examiners, and witnesses gathered around the corpus delicti.
As expressed in numerous royal laws dating to the late Middle Ages, many of which were ultimately codified in the seventeenth-century Recopilacien de layes de los reynos de las Indias, the purpose of the judicial investigation was to document the "cuerpo del delito" or corpus delicti as part of the pursuit to "know the truth." For instance, see Rodriguez de San Miguel, Pandectas Hispano-Megicanas, 3: no.
Infuriated at such condescending treatment, Kitty phoned medical examiners in Mississippi to document a fatal flaw in the Medicare contractor's theory: No corpus delicti, she said.