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As Reyes argues, splatterpunk revels in the excesses of corporeality, often foregrounding these bodily extremes both narratively and graphically.
In Gadda's case, the modernist interest in the embodied dimension of human experience edges on post-modern territory, with its lack of a unified knowledge and a liquefied, fluid corporeality.
Taking into consideration the fluid structure of gender construction, however, this article provides a new interpretation of the gendered body in terms of the imbrication of gender performativity with "corporeality".
Women, Corporeality, and Dining Posture in Early Rabbinic Literature"), and an all-too-brief note by Ellen Bradshaw Aitken.
That feeling of unease will stay with the reader as Brinkema, in her corrective to underanalyzed affect, deals with corporeality only as a form on screen to be discerned in the visual, rhythmic, and aural forces of the text itself: "montage, camera movement, mise-en-scene, ...
Is the corporeality of the "incarnated spirits" of Tolkien's world something that deserves our critical attention?
At various points, the book reads as if the authors have inserted the words "body" or "corporeality" into the text for the sake of cohesion among the chapters, though the corporeality of the body does not in fact surface.
Beyond a mere revisiting of bodies as a core feature of theatre, contemporary discourses of corporeality as a site of negotiation between nature and culture, materiality, discourses and power (see Judith Butler, Susan Bordo and others), as well as the performative turn in theatre studies are significant recent trends of reviewing the extent to which body matters on stage.
The body in Tolkien's legendarium; essays on Middle-earth corporeality.
To sum up, Damasio points out that cognition is located in corporeality (Embodied Cognition), identifying in body and mind two interconnected systems of one human organism.
The Anthropocene folds geologic time into human corporeality, refocusing attention on the temporality of inhuman forces within the subject: on epoch being, on thresholds in evolution and extinction, and on a new humanity that is defined through the end of the Holocene.