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a supporter of corporatism

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He finds that countries in Continental Europe are less entrepreneurial, less dynamic, and more corporatist than the Anglo-Saxon countries.
The concept of the corporatist state, a state in which government and private businesses work to influence each other to further their own ends, ties the story together.
The models proposed by Hallin and Mancini--the democratic corporatist media model, the polarized pluralist model, and the liberal model--are empirically constructed and describe the media markets in the Nordic countries; Greece, Spain and Portugal; and the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the UK, respectively (see Figure 1).
Under corporatist governance, the state officially grants industries the ability to improve efficiencies via self-regulation.
Finally, France remains a highly corporatist country, with a multiplicity of health, pension, and family subsidy systems; in an innovation-driven economy where individuals are likely to change jobs and sectors repeatedly over their lifetime, this bureaucratic thicket becomes a source of inefficiency and risk.
Labour are riven by Trotskyist vs Corporatist infighting, their only common ground being to sneer at "white-van man"; the LibDems have sold their soul to the EU, making themselves irrelevant; and the Tories range from genuine Leave politicians to those indistinguishable from the LibDems - the Tory government is already delaying and backsliding by keeping the ECHR, and failing to repeal the ECA (1972) and the EU Elections Act (2002).
It helps us remember that the Chavez regime, like all populist regimes, has a corporatist view of the social order and of political organisation.
We further argue that this capture was institutionalized from the state corporatist arrangements of the authoritarian period rather than reflecting new arrangements under the democratic era or corruption per se.
The corporatist Republican leaders have learned how to use these masses with this message.
With the privatization and liberalization policies, ostensibly to end corruption, India has handed its public properties over to private corporatist allies, opening up its economy for corrupt mafias.
I support the principle of free trade but what is on the table is not really a free trade agreement; it is a corporatist trade agreement.
"The United States' system is nothing but a corporatist oligarchy that runs around the world abrading the resources of other countries to pop up its inefficient system and to instill hegemony for its various special interests, and the number one special interest that governs the United States is a Jewish Zionist," Martin concluded.
Jonathan Arnott said: "UKIP's message is the same across the country: just look at the comments of Nigel Farage and Patrick O'Flynn (Economics Spokesman) in recent days opposing the corporatist message of the three old parties and tax evasion.
Furthermore, as to the development of indigenous innovation, Phelps concludes that the relatively corporatist economies performed less robustly because they lacked the economic institutions and culture to "enable, stimulate, and spur experimenting, exploring and trying things."