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Synonyms for corporal

Synonyms for corporal

of or relating to the human body

Synonyms for corporal

a noncommissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines

affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit

Related Words

possessing or existing in bodily form

References in classic literature ?
They allowed us to retire without firing a shot; and retire you may be sure we did, the Kaffirs flogging their teams in a fury of fear, and our precious corporal sullen but defiant.
It was never my forte, as you know, yet to this day I cannot conceive what I did to excite the treacherous corporal's suspicions.
Corporal Connal was the dangerous blackguard you have seen.
It was Corporal Connal of ours, and the thought of him takes my mind off the certainly gallant captain who only that day had joined our division with the reinforcements.
And now to the gallows-bird who was still corporal of our troop: it was not long before Raffles was to have his wish and the traitor's wicket.
The spot that we eventually chose and stealthily occupied was behind some bushes through which we could see down into the donga; there were the precious horses; and there sure enough was our wounded corporal, sitting smoking in his cloak, some glimmering thing in his lap.
But Raffles paid no attention to their fire; he was pointing downward through the bushes to where Corporal Connal stood with his back to us, shooing a last charger out of the mouth of the donga towards the Boer trenches.
Corporal Connal paid the penalty of his crime before the sun was far above the hill held by the enemy.
Using the cipher 1A to protect his identity, he offered his condolences to the families of Corporal James Dunsby and Lance Corporals Craig Roberts and Edward Maher.
LAHORE -- The first batch of 421 corporals, including 16 women of the Counter Terrorism Force (CTF), passed out from the Elite Police Training School here on Saturday.
Corporals Ginty and Luton decided to go into Haverfordwest for a night out and Lieutenant-Corporal Beckett, who was due on duty half an hour later and had not been drinking, gave them a lift.
A former soldier has denied witnessing two North corporals force Iraqi prisoners to simulate sex ( but admitted he had seen other physical abuse taking place.
TRIBUTES posted on Lieutenant Colonel Rob Thomson * MBE, Commanding Officer 2 RIFLES Battle Group: "Corporal Horne was one of a generation of rising stars in my Corporals Mess.
A court martial heard the 21-year-old was assaulted by two corporals.