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Synonyms for corporal

Synonyms for corporal

of or relating to the human body

Synonyms for corporal

a noncommissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines

affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit

Related Words

possessing or existing in bodily form

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Studies show that almost half of parents have corporally punished their children, with rates ranging from 77 percent to 13 percent depending upon the child's age and sex.
In contrast, Ambrose takes from Model A an understanding of Christ as really, corporally present under the forms of bread and wine, although he sees Christ as fully present, such that the communicant receives the whole Christ.
In these instances, it is possible for a counselor to use his or her imagination in order to empathically attempt to apprehend aspects of human existence that are emotionally or corporally remote from a counselor's experience.
Angustias lets her and her boyfriend go after learning that the woman is pregnant but she has to be corporally punished first.
In all these possibilities the client is choosing where and how to be bodily, and the degree of body space between her/himself and the therapist, and indeed how and where the therapist should place him/herself corporally (and the therapist will ask and check this in the earlier sessions and from time to time).
In the Canadian context, one need only think of the continued parental discretion to corporally discipline children: Criminal Code, RSC 1985, c C-46, s 43; Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law v Canada (AG), 2004 SCC 4, [2004] 1 SCR 76.
They shouldn't be subdued, corporally punished or humiliated in any way as it affects children's physical, mental and intellectual growth, he added.
Baudelaire brings himself corporally into the poem by identifying with the mendiante's ailing body while drawing attention to his non-robust physicality.
African-American school children are disproportionately corporally punished.
30) Beside this discussion, in the margin she has included all of the relevant biblical references cited by Hildersham on pages 35-39, though in a varied order, along with the following note: 'prof from pa: 36 to 41 that Christ is not corporally present in the Sacrament The places of Scripture are heere quoted out of AH book 1 impression' ([11.
Parents and even school teachers have the rightto corporally punish children.
Since that time, the school has been guided by the Vincentian charism to honor Christ "as the source and model of all charity, serving Him corporally and spiritually in the person of the poor" (Congregation of the Mission, 2004, p.
This evolution towards digital learning is moreover in line with broader societal changes, which Manuel Castells (1997) analyzes as the coming-into-being of a <<network-society>>, which profoundly changes our self-understanding, as well as what it means to live together--in view of the disappearance of direct corporally mediated (face to face) contact or spatio-temporal restrictions that used to determine the scale and depth of human interaction (cf.
Every 20 seconds, a public school student is corporally punished
Under Saudi law, foreign workers may be detained, deported, or in some cases, corporally punished for running away from their employers.