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Parker, "Diseased Bodies, Defiled Souls: Corporality and Religious Difference in the Reformation," Renaissance Quarterly 67 (2014): 1266.
While we remain in the process of the assumed mundaneness, due to corporality, we will have to keep on recurring to the eye and the mind in order to partially understand.
However, the author of Altri libertini warns us of a voyeuristic understanding of obscenity, whose sole purpose is an unveiling for its own sake, or even worse, a commercialization of corporality (Opere 1117).
This piece revives a sensibility that was present in Janssens's work in the late '80s, for which she created spatial extensions of preexisting architecture that invited the viewer to confront the corporality of these spaces, with the goal of rendering mutable the perception of the material or the surrounding architecture.
Alone among all literary productions, the theatre's medium is the physical body--the virtual corporality of the text makes the drama unique.
In this way, these visions are a pretext to communicate a message and also a Theology that takes corporality, imagination and intellect into account.
The Jewish presence--embodied in the Hebrew writing engraved in the beech tree--is a reminder of the corporality that follows from an adherence to the Bible's word in its basic and literal sense.
what Jordan proposes as of greater interest to McDonagh is a wicked fragmentation and amalgamation of aspects of identitarian categories of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, corporality, age, class and spirituality for reasons of aesthetic delight.
A critical discussion of the artistic production of Ala Plastica, an internationally-recognized collaboration between Argentine artists and environmental activists Alejandro Meitin and Silvina Babich, demands the reconceptualization of the complex relationships between nature and culture, the material and the discursive, and human corporality and the environment.
Although this familial terminology is not the norm in academia, I initiated this fictive kinship with Chaunda and Roland--after my experience, my approach to learning, socialization, and actual corporality were (Tierney & Venegas, 2006) constantly under assault.
The artistic manifestations, connected with religious phenomena, express the relation between the immanent corporality and the mysterious transcendence.
Once this nonnegotiable is staked out, several contentious claims follow: the temporality of angels and their subsequent nonfixity in evil; angelic corporality (they have bodies with mass but not matter, bodies of energy); and the corporality of separated souls and the nonfixity in evil of fallen souls.
Through these different imaging and written compositions a great variety of themes have been treated: science crisis and crisis of representation, relations between science and art, health humanization, madness and creation, looks over the city and everyday concerns, vulnerabilities, body and corporality, art workshops, training and health education, health communication, contemporary lifestyles, love, loneliness, creative workshops, academic production and reflections on the writing process.
By locating a potential frisson in measuring poetry through a fleshly metaphor, I do not mean to assume a preexisting binary between textuality and corporality.