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Gubar's essay focuses more on monstrosity than on maternity, especially the Augustan disgust with female corporality, but her analysis of the female monster concurs in many places with my own--particularly regarding the female monster as an image that reflects the Augustan fear of effeminacy and chaos.
Succeeding generations of clerics and philosophers, from Dionysus to Isaac D'Israeli (father of Benjamin), pondered the exact nature of angels, their possible corporality, their powers of flight, their spiritual superiority over man, their habitation of space.
White concluded that the classification of God concepts can be validly approached by using themes like temporality, corporality, spatiality and activity.
In particular, I attend to how workers refer to not only "internal" conditions of toxicity (e.g., lung and heart pains) but also the more visible "exterior" conditions of their bodies--often their burnt skin--to make sense of their own toxic corporality. In addition to exploring how toxic embodiment and experience breaks down or reconfigures demarcations of body and environment, I also highlight the ways in which toxicity and corporality become the site of laudable environmental health risk mitigation efforts that ironically fail to transform or reduce toxic corporality in an enduring postcolonial context.
Valorizing one's own corporality becomes part of the need to assert one's authenticity and personal identity.
Another side of the virtual corporality manufactured in this scientific environment are electronic images of the inside of the body.
Thus, the narrative of their bodily experience, their practices and feelings allows them to re-signify them, as well as their history, enabling changes, including the understanding of this corporality.
The key to such a reading is an awareness of the affective circulations that take place between the piercing rod and the various sub dermal layers of the protagonist vis-a-vis our own corporality. It furthers a visceral connection between the object of spectacularity in the film and a wider consciousness, or as Vivian Sobchack furthers:
This piece revives a sensibility that was present in Janssens's work in the late '80s, for which she created spatial extensions of preexisting architecture that invited the viewer to confront the corporality of these spaces, with the goal of rendering mutable the perception of the material or the surrounding architecture.
It is for this reason, and given the implications involved in the occurrence of a spinal cord injury during this period of life, that the purpose of this study was to describe the meanings given to the changes that take place in the body and corporality of adolescents and young adults who have suffered this type of injury.
It is the fact of its occurrence, not the what happened, but the simple confirmation, that something must have happened, which visuality and corporality convey as specific signifiers as they mark the occurrence of an event and convey its affective content, without stating its nature or context.
In S.'s thought-provoking work on Christian theology of incarnation, human corporality and experience express the divine, displaying the invisible in the visible, transfiguring the created world into a sacramental sign without suppressing the concrete lived, incarnate world.
It's the last trace of his father's corporality and Goury's sole opportunity to listen to his voice.
Through her actions, Tamar seems to look for a new morphology of her body; one in which the body transgresses its position as a mute materiality and becomes a live creative and productive corporality. That is why, in the end, although she comes back to what may appear as a traditional life as a mother, the unique constellation Tamar has created for herself suggests that she has created a new way to live her motherhood and her everyday life, one that enables her to live differently her femininity.
For Tambu, education may suggest the possibility of extricating herself from a banal corporality, but more significantly, it offers a means of inserting herself into the grand enlightenment designs of progress and emancipation and aspiring towards a world-historical subjectivity endowed with transcendent consciousness.