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a sharp triangular process projecting from a bone

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CT with three-dimensional reconstruction is essential to differentiate coronoid process hyperplasia from other conditions, such as ankylosis, neoplastic coronoid (chondroma or osteochondroma), traumas, and thickened, but not elongated, coronoid processes.
The commonest location of SMA was found to be the posterior mandible comprising the molar area, the angle, ramus and coronoid processes (Table 2).
Severe hypodontia and asymptomatic bilaterally ectopic impacted teeth in coronoid processes: a case report.
"So on Monday, March 9, this year, Ben became one of the 'rst, if not the 'rst, person with MPS in the world to have his coronoid processes removed from his jaw in an operation at e Royal Manchester's Children's Hospital.
Measurements were taken by drawing a line touching the upper limits of condylar and coronoid processes. The longest perpendicular from this line was drawn which was taken to be the incisure depth (ID).17 Intra-observer and inter- observer analysis gave a difference of just 0.5mm.
Radiographic examination revealed underdeveloped condylar and coronoid processes, hypoplastic zygomatic arches & maxillary hypoplasia (Fig iv & v).