coronoid process

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a sharp triangular process projecting from a bone

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Experimental studies have demonstrated that temporal muscle detachment during a growth period leads to a reduction in the size of the coronoid process itself.
Lower jaw with an outer row of curved, spaced, enlarged canines ending at bend of dentary, several rows of small, slightly curved conical teeth at symphysis, grading to a single row at bend of dentary and continuing to lower coronoid process as a single outer row, innermost row at bend of dentary abruptly larger than other inner teeth (twice the height) in males, decreasing somewhat in size posteriorly and ending at the upper margin of the coronoid process.
The coronoid process is unique in that it does not articulate with another bone; rather, it acts as an anchor for a muscle attachment.
Rottweilers appear to have an increased susceptibility to OCD of the elbow, plus a condition called ununited coronoid process.
Mandibular and maxillary features evaluated for post-test scores Mandibular Features Maxillary Features n=10 n=11 Mandibular tori Inferior border of maxillary sinus Genial tubercles Nasal fossa Nutrient canals Anterior nasal spine Mental foramen Soft tissue of the nose External oblique ridge Coronoid process Submandibular fossa Lateral pterygoid plate Inferior border of the mandible Hard palate Mental ridge Incisive foramen Lingual foramen Hamulus Mandibular canal Maxillary sinus Malar process Table III.
Only the right side condyle, coronoid process and angle of the mandible were preserved (figure 1).
Measurements are classified as belonging to the alveolar process (A) and its subdivisions, the incisor (In) or molar (Mo) alveolus, or to the ascending ramus (M) and its subdivisions, the coronoid process (Cr), the condyloid process (Cn), the angular process (Ag), or the masseteric region (Ms).
The efficiency of jaw mechanics was evaluated by use of coronoid-condyloid length, length of the mandible parallel to the ventral edge from the lower condylar facet to the tip of i1 (lower incisor), and the angle ([Alpha]) subtended by a line from the apex of the coronoid process through the distalmost extension of the lower condylar facet and a line along the ventral edge of the dentary (Carraway and Verts, 1994).
The most noticeable shape differences between the sexes were in position of carnassial (LM 4) which was placed posterior in males, then, females had slightly greater coronoid process (LM 5), angular process (LM 8) and masseteric fossa (LM 9).
3]-[5] They can arise throughout the mid face including the palate, mandibular condyle, coronoid process, orbit, maxillary antrum and nasal cavity.
Stress fractures have been reported in the radius and olecranon [1-3], whereas isolated coronoid process fractures are uncommon.
2) Ectopic teeth are commonly seen in the palate and maxillary sinus, but cases also have been reported at unusual sites such as the mandibular condyle, coronoid process, orbit, and nasal cavity.
Coronoid process was airly complete, missing only small portions o dorsal edges.
The fractures were classified as mandible fractures (condyle, coronoid process, ramus, body, parasymphisis, symphisis, and comminuted), zygomatic complex fractures, maxillary fractures according to the system of Le Fort, (11) orbital floor fractures and isolated nasal bone fractures.