coronary thrombosis

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obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery by a blood clot (thrombus)

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A number of variables such as systolic BP, Heart Rate, hyperglycaemia and oxidised LDL cholesterol levels increase at times of stress which in turn can lead to plaque disruption and coronary thrombosis.
Medical therapy is indicated for the majority of patients with coronary artery aneurysms who do not have significant coronary artery stenosis, and consists of treatment of coronary aneurysms involving antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy, although this is based on anecdotal reports only when coronary thrombosis is present.
That date must be tinged with sadness for her though, because it was the day her father, George VI, passed away, having suffered a coronary thrombosis in his sleep.
Incidence of asymptomatic coronary thrombosis and plaque disruption: comparison of non-cardiac and cardiac deaths among autopsy cases.
My father died unexpectedly aged 54 of a heart attack due to coronary thrombosis, and his father died from the same cause aged 46.
The primary pathophysiologic event in acute coronary syndrome is a reduction in coronary blood flow due to transient platelet aggregation, coronary thrombosis, or coronary artery spasm.
The reason for Matti Lehti's resignation reflects his need to reduce the amount of work due to a mild coronary thrombosis that he suffered last year, TietoEnator said.
Mr Betts suffered a suspected coronary thrombosis after he left St Hilda's Chapel on June 8.
It is only when it's attacked by harmful free radicals that cholesterol becomes 'bad' and can pose a major risk factor for arteriosclerosis and coronary thrombosis.
of Illinois), who now serves on the board of directors of a related commercial enterprise, believes diet is closely related to both disease and wellness, citing recent literature on heart disease, strokes, atherosclerosis and serum lipids, coronary thrombosis, vasospasm, hypertension, immune responses, cell proliferation and cancer.
Tobacco smoke--including secondhand smoke--activates blood coagulation pathways that could lead to coronary thrombosis, or heart attack.
Their movements become more difficult, they start to have some problems remembering things and they start experiencing some diseases that are more associated with old age--such as heart diseases and the coronary thrombosis they can lead to hypertension; diabetes and its potential complications; osteoporosis that is usually not discovered until the person fractures his wrist or hip or gets some back problems; as well as some other conditions including anemia, which is not uncommon in older adults.
A report last year detailed four anecdotal cases of patients who developed clinically significant coronary thrombosis within a drug-eluting stent after their clopidogrel and aspirin regimens were stopped (Lancet 2004;364:1519-21).
Folts, a professor of medicine and nutritional director of the University of Wisconsin Coronary Thrombosis Research and Vascular Biology Laboratory.