coronary insufficiency

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Synonyms for coronary insufficiency

inadequate blood flow to the heart muscles

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Presentations include arrhythmias, chest pain, heart failure, cough, dysphagia, and coronary insufficiency. As echocardiographic techniques continue to improve, cardiac tumors are being detected earlier, often before significant symptoms have developed.
Background and Objective: Trimetazidine has mainly been used in coronary insufficiency, angina and elderly myocardial infarction.
Coronary insufficiency: relations between hemodynamic, electrical, and biochemical parameters.
Yet, in many cases myocardial bridges are connected with heart rhythm disorder [1416], angina pectoris [17-19], myocardial infarction [20-22] and sudden cardiac death [23, 24], so that their impact on incidence of coronary insufficiency is indisputable.
Researchers recruited 458 men aged between 30 and 59 who had suffered a heart attack or an episode of coronary insufficiency or angina after admission to hospital.
[Severe coronary insufficiency in a young woman after mediastinal radiotherapy].
Erbakan, who had been receiving treatment at hospital, died due to respiratory and coronary insufficiency. Erbakan had been hospitalized on January 3, released after 10 days and was brought back to hospital as his situation got worse.
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