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a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

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Fred Darling - Captain Cuttle (1922), Manna (1925), Coronach (1926), Cameronian (1931), Bois Roussel (1938), Pont l'Eveque (1940), Owen Tudor (1941).
Bassett was born June 15, 1932, in Coronach, Saskatchewan, to Edward and Elta Class Bassett.
INS has opened automated border crossing systems (Port Passenger Accelerated Service System, or PORTPASS) on the northern border in Montana and in Coronach, Canada.
Coronach for string orchestra is another composition belonging to this group of works exploring what Berkeley describes as "the complex emotions of grief" (accompanying note to score).
"Coronach, (Lament), written 6 June 1946, is dedicated to the dead of the Gordon Highlanders, with whom Scott served.
coronach Scottish Gaelic corronach and Irish coranach
Ballads fall into types according to subject and include the domestic tragedy, concerning a murder or family feud; the historical ballad, dealing with historical events; the outlaw ballad, celebrating a popular rebel against established law, such as Robin Hood or Jesse James; the Scottish coronach, or lament ballad; and the folkloric ballad.
It did keep raining, climaxing with a thunderstorm of Wagnerian intensity on Derby eve; for the first time since Coronach waded home in front in 1926 the Classic was going to be run on heavy ground.
Compiled by Andrew Pennington and Nicholas Godfrey The List Derby winners trained by Fred Darling Captain Cuttle (1922) Ridden by Steve Donoghue Manna (1925) Steve Donoghue Coronach (1926) Joe Childs Cameronian (1931) Freddie Fox Bois Roussel (1938) Charlie Elliott Pont L'Eveque (1940) Sam Wragg Owen Tudor (1941) Billy Nevett
Coronach, the champion two-year-old of 1925, had returned to action with a smooth win at the Craven meeting, making the Guineas seem a formality for him.
Of 20th century Derby winners, Volodyovski, Cicero, Aboyeur, Pommern (at Newmarket), Grand P arade, Spion Kop, Captain Cuttle, Felstead, Trigo and Windsor Lad all won on hard ground, and St Amant, Sansovino and Coronach scored on heavy.
And while he got some indifferent and worse performers among his results, he also obtained the best that anyone obtained from Coronach (Niccolo Dell'Arca), Blenheim (Donatello), Blue Peter (Botticelli), Dante (Toulouse Lautrec) and the distinctly uninfluential Mid-day Sun (De Nittis).
He won the Derby with Captain Cuttle (1922), Manna (1925), Coronach (1926), Cameronian (1931), Bois Roussel (1938), Pont l'Evque (1940) and Owen Tudor (1941).