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Synonyms for corollary


Synonyms for corollary

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a practical consequence that follows naturally

(logic) an inference that follows directly from the proof of another proposition

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For [alpha] = 1, a = 1/10, b = 9/10 and f same as in above corollary, we obtain:
2, and for pseudocomplete locally convex algebras partly in [35], Lemma 1; Corollary 2.
Corollary discharge is a mechanism for distinguishing self-generated from externally generated percepts and has been well described in the visual system.
Under the new-value corollary, the theory is that old equity, being more familiar with the workings of a company-- especially in a subtle field like nursing homes--might continue to be of value to the creditors and to the economy by remaining in charge of an operation.
A corollary disadvantage is that Pat will also have to include in income the cost of any group-term life insurance provided to Chris.
control over tribal self-governance and for a corollary duty on the part of the U.
Corollary 1 - Storage density (magnetic) increases between 60 and 100% every year.
1]([mu] - v) + [mu]] [greater than or equal to] 0" and leads to the following corollary to the first part of Theorem 2.
However, Hanlon's Razor is a corollary of Finagle's Law that reads 'Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
As a corollary to this, he noted that there is great concern among government officials about the quality of care that might be provided by facilities sliding into bankruptcy.
As the home of the first motorway and corollary motorway bridges, cited by Abercrombic as a positive development in his Greater London Plan 1944, the section Getting Around shows propaganda photography of an Autobahn service station (Furstenwalde 1937) with state of the art reinforced concrete flat canopy, the viaduct bridges of Bonatz (1938-40) and Leipzig's (Lossow/Kuhne, 1915) cathedral to rail transport as against Dortmund's planned flying saucer (BRT Architects, 1999).
Microsoft and the DR also signed a licensing agreement for software to be used -- and, as a corollary, for piracy to be eliminated -- in all Government offices.
The San Jose, California-based firm, formerly known as Poseidon Technology, is claiming a technology lead over Intel's Corp's Corollary Profusion chipset, with its simultaneous switched matrix design.
The first corollary is that "the proponent of an activity, rather than the public, should bear the burden of proof (reverse onus).
2 because its corollary is the same: Take away the check, and you will shrink the size of the underclass, not by spurring its members to self-reliance and the repairing of frayed family and community ties, but by ensuring that they won't be born.