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the stalk of a corn plant

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Thus, the conditions generated by burning are attractive to lesser cornstalk borer moths regardless of the time when burning is performed.
Proximate and ultimate analyses of oil shale semi-coke and cornstalk samples Sample Proximate analysis, % [M.
markers in mocking green, erect and endless as the cornstalks on the
I blinked, increased the radar gain until I could see every cornstalk and silo for 60 miles, but no Bonanza.
I touched the button and let there be light: the seeds within began unfolding order, though not in their preferred organization on a cornstalk.
The 2600 series offers flexible options for cornstalk residue management.
What's Hot: Tips on making the perfect cornstalk bale and how to select the right equipment for this tough job; Trends in using cornstalk bales in combination with ethanol byproducts to produce a low cost feed ration for cattle and how farmers and livestock produces can take advantage of this trend.
The development is a certified organic farm with native-only landscaping and several green-housing options, from cornstalk carpeting and recycled tire mats to standard bamboo flooring and shredded blue jeans used as insulation.
Vieja piedra al edificio nuevo, vieja madera a los nuevos fuegos, Viejos fuegos a las cenizas, y a las cenizas a la tierra Cuales son ya carne, piel y heces, Hueso del hombre y de la bestia, del cornstalk y de la hoja.
We walked several hundred yards out into the cornfield to our blind, which was little more than a few short lengths of cornstalk stuck in the ground.
H784153 is somewhat slow and erect in its early growth habit, proliferates a large number of young tillers which provide tolerance to lesser cornstalk borers (LCB) [Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller)].
Abbott of the First Australian Horse from New South Wales included the story of Corporal Clarkson in a book he had published in 1902 called "Tommy Cornstalk.
With a cornstalk sprouting symbolically from his foot, his complement on the east side is the goddess of agriculture, of whom Llosa says: "She is the second largest figure on the facade.
In addition, HC&S--with help from state entomologists and the Hawaii Sugar Planters' Association--managed to stop the spread of the lesser cornstalk borer, an insect pest which attacks young cane.