cornmeal mush

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cornmeal boiled in water

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POLENTA MARCHIGIANA From the Marche region of Italy comes this ultimate comfort food Polenta is basically cornmeal mush cooked to a very soft, creamy consistency Top with tomato sauce, and bits of sausage, meal or seafood.
Along with cubed steak, our table featured other foodstuffs that were to disappear as times improved: homefermented kraut, catfish and an occasional steamed carp; fried cornmeal mush with syrup made from choke-cherries picked along the Burlington tracks.
The term tamale pie first appeared in 1911 and refers to ``a dish of cornmeal mush filled with chopped meat and a hot chili sauce,'' according to John Miriani in his ``The Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink.
An American mock-epic, Joel Barlow's The Hasty Pudding (1796), celebrates his favorite New England dish, cornmeal mush, in three 400-line cantos.
If you sit down and read an entire Dave Barrybook in one night - this qualifies your mind to be cooked the next morning for breakfast as cornmeal mush - you can see that many of the devices he's employed in the 13 ensuing years were obvious in that first piece.
Working over a simple fireplace in the middle of a poorly ventilated, thatched dwelling, the women prepared a batch of sadza - a thick cornmeal mush that serves as a dietary staple -- using each fuel.
Mama leaned over the makeshift stove, frying a spoonful of cornmeal mush and reboiling last week's coffee for her and her grown daughters.
Polenta, for example, was served in my home when I was a child only it was called cornmeal mush, and as James Beard used to say, "You know, pate is nothing more than meat loaf
We ate a meatless dinner that was heavy on veggies with patties that were sort of like cornmeal mush with melted cheese.